Thursday, July 5, 2018

Random Encounters by Terrain - Sea / Ocean (d100)

It's been since September last year that I finished one of my d100 random encounter tables for the Furthest Lands continent.  Probably have about 4 more to do (wastelands, subterranean, freshwater, mountains) and there will be a nice range of general monsters for any terrain type.  Previously completed tables can be found here:  plains, forest, swamp, desert.

Sea – 33% / day
    01-02 Aboleth – the masters of the southern oceans, the great tentacled slavers of the benthic deeps have several great temples to unknown gods on the ocean floor.
    03-04 Vaedaleth (Aboleth Savant) – the Aboleth high priests are a form apart from their lesser brethren, with tremendous bloated bodies and the dark powers bestowed by their alien gods.
    05-06 Jaguleth – Aboleth slaves mutated over time into perfect underwater servitors, part humanoid, part alien physiognomy of the 'leth.
    07-08 Cannonfish - a distant relative of the freshwater squirterhorse, fires a large glob of acid and enzymes that bursts like a grenade on impact. Goo slowly consumes metal, quickly consumes organic material, and has no effect on stone.
    09-10 Island Jelly – great composite jelly the size of an isle, home to many symbiotic species. Paralytic tendrils stretch for hundreds of feet around the creature, slowly consuming anything ensnared within.
    11-12 Edged Trilobite Swarm – razor-shelled arthropods that seem to absorb blood released into the water and become energized by it. They attack in massive swarms and are a known problem in the eastern oceans.
    13-14 Giant Amoeba – tremendous translucent salt water protozoan, its questing pseudopods always searching for food. Most grow to the size of a rowboat, while some have swollen large enough to consume whales.
    15-16 Small Island (1d10)
      1. Metal island – some sort of ancient metal structure protruding from the sea.
      2. Volcanic island inactive
      3. Volcanic island active
      4. Flat topped pillar – rises hundreds of feet from the sea.
      5. Jungle Island – filled with dense tropical forest.
      6. Atoll
      7. Island of unique iele – populated by an isolated iele tribe with homogeneous traits.
      8. Blasted ruined barren island
      9. Levitating Island -
      10. Island Monster! - the isle is a dormant colossal animal.
    17-18 Titan Anglerfish – great jawed monstrosities of the abyssal depths who migrate toward the surface for the easier sources of food. Some of the largest varieties can use their lure as a minor image effect.
    19-20 Plesiosaurs – paddle-finned, long necked aquatic reptiles that specialize in preying upon flying creatures. Hungry individuals can pluck a man off the deck of a ship easily.
    21-22 Carcharodon Megalodon – king of sharks, fifty feet of muscle and ever-replenishing teeth, stalking the open oceans and coasts with singular purpose. They are worshiped as honored ancestor spirits by the Sahaughin.
    23-24 Doldrums – the Calm, flat windless seas that last days or even weeks.
    25-26 Lance Tongue – huge hump-backed beast with four flippers like a plesiosaur, the great wide mouth and neckless head of a frog, and bulbous forward facing eyes. True to its name the creature projects its bony-tipped tongue like a harpoon, impaling prey to be swallowed.

    27-28 Serpent (1d4)
       1. Storm Herald Serpent – the serpent that carries the storm with it, roaring thunder on fins of lightning,
       2. Abyss Serpent – the blue-black serpent of the abyssal depths, it will only rise to the surface to feed at night, where its rows of bioluminescent spots have hypnotized sailors off their ships into its waiting mouth.
       3. Still Sea Serpent – the slow, wide, patient serpent that carries the Calm, it will make a promise to leave if offered living sacrifice.
       4. Windspinner Serpent – aerial serpent, all great wind-catching fins, can create slicing gusts of air and spin waterspouts. Some delight in blowing ships off course.

    29-31 Sahaugin Hunting Party – fish heads, shark kin, gill men, the sahaughin are violent, primitive, and voracious eaters of any other race they can catch. They worship dark aspects of Conce and Skraosh, wield shark tooth weapons, and are known to grow continuously larger throughout their lives.
    32-33 “Conce's Blossom” Sea Anemone – mass of pink, orange, or red tentacles, covered in paralytic nematocysts. Occassionally one will move from the ocean floor, fusing itself to the bottom of a ship where it can become a problem.
    34-36 Terror Whale Pod – sixty foot toothed whales, dark blue and white skinned, ravenous but highly intelligent predators capable of taking down animals many times their size. Terror Whales are known to occasionally sink ships and eat sailors, but there are other stories of them behaving benevolently to those in need.
    37-38 Sea Naga – these naga live in caves on the sea floor that connect to the wider Beneath and their more sadistic cousins. They are still bound by the spiritual resurrection economy of the other naga.
    39-41 Archelon - prehistoric sea turtle as large as a car, with a flat, ridged shell shaped like a huge shield. Common along certain coastlines, and hunted for its meat and carapace.
    42-43 Hurricane – violent wind and rain storm.
    44-45 Giant Squid – the iconic giant squid Architeuthis, prey of colossal toothed whales and bane of the ocean depths.
    46-47 Attack Scallops – aquatic relatives of the ubiquitous land-dwelling Shard Leeches, these mollusks rapidly swim and bite with the sharpened edges of their shells. Convergent evolution has produced species of oysters and mussels that attack in the same fashion.
    48-49 Kraken (Giant Octopus) – these cephalopods range from the approximate size of a man to that of the largest ships. Krakens become more and more intelligent as they grow larger, the giants among them learn magical or priestly spells.
    50-51 Suitable Elemental
       1. Lightning
       2. Cloud
       3. Water
       4. Air

    52-53 Queen Nebbem's Krait - a particularly large and deadly sea snake with a wicked necrotic venom that can wither a limb in an hour.
    54-55 Box Jelly Bloom – dozens, hundreds, or thousands of painfully and paralytically venomous box jellies drifting in the current.
    56-57 Giant Nautilus – whorl-shelled cephalopods, usually tan or red-orange striped they only pose a threat to those directly in the water. An intact giant nautilus shell will quickly find a buyer in any city.
    58-59 Shonisaurus 60' long icthyosaur, a marine reptile similar in shape to a dophin, with a long thin snout full of conical teeth.
    60-61 Thunderstorm – sky shredding lightning, high waves, and cacophonous thunder.
    62-63 Fasinaa Vessel – high-bodied, pontooned vessels with multiple decks. Many are reinforced with living plant material that can repair/regrow itself.
    64-65 Drowned Dead – waterlogged animate corpses, more like ghouls than zombies. Able to swim and climb aboard ships easily, they will attempt to drown their targets for preference.
    66-67 Umash Vessel – one of the multi-hulled and many sailed umash ships. These vessels are equipped with primitive cannons known to randomly backfire.
    68-69 Wereshark (1d4) – because it is considered terrible luck to ignore a sailor set adrift, weresharks often masquerade as such. Even those who resist or are unaware of their curse may be picked up this way, slaughtering a crew before being found, unknowing and alone by the next.
       1. Iele
       2. Fasinaa
       3. Umash
       4. Sahaughin

    70-71 Drill Ammonites – screw shelled cephalopods that can spin their webbed arms at high speed to assist in drilling into flesh or the hulls of ships.
    72-73 Waverunners – long-legged, therapod dinosaurs that can run along the surface of the ocean, their strange-shaped feet buoy them up even when stationary, and their wide finned tail provide lift. Waverunners are each larger than a man and bird light, they crisscross the waves hunting anything that surfaces for breath.
    74-76 Iele Vessel – the various sailing ships of the iele come in every size, shape, and construction.
    77-78 Shem Formation - 4-10 Shem hunting for or returning with captives. Often accompanied by Bloat Cages (1-4), ground slaves (5-50), or aerial slaves (2-20)
    79-80 Afanc – dreaded giant whirlpool fish, capable of creating mast cracking waves and ship sinking eddies. Highly temperamental and fond of destroying ships and consuming crews.
    81-82 Mutant Aquatic Troll Pack - slightly undersized trolls that mutate as they regenerate. All have gills and finned/webbed appendages when encountered. During regeneration of massive damage they can fuse together into larger abominations or break into smaller, independent, ruined parts.
    83-84 Suitable Nature Spirit (1d4)
       1. Songbird of the Deep – a siren-like spirit that beckons surface dwellers to the ocean depths.
       2. Omza – a primal spirit that can devolve a person into a sea-dwelling form.
       3. Ea'ea - an instilling spirit of growth and energy. Can transform any living thing into a force to be reckoned with, at a cost.
       4. Waiwie "Tilted Scale" (Chaos Spirit) - from a distance a glowing dragonfly, closer just branching luminous nerves. A spirit that takes/erases elements of law and society from an individual and replaces them with natural elements (Example: the Waiwei steals your money and replaces it with meat or seeds, or maybe erases the Fasinaa language from your mind and replaces it with the tongue of flowers or birds).

    85-87 Nothosaur Pack – ten foot long aquatic reptiles, almost seal-like with flexible necks and jaws of overlarge teeth.
    88-89 Nimbus Fisherman - huge jelly-type creature which surrounds itself in clouds, and dangles its nearly invisible stinging tentacles to the ocean surface below. Usually encountered with symbiotic scavengers.
    90-91 Flying Fangfish – leaping fish that fly over the sea on gliding fins. Their mouths are filled with razor sharp overlarge teeth which they use to incise flesh and sever limbs.
    92-93 Mosasaur Pod – 40' long, paddle-finned aquatic reptiles with the smooth skin of whales and the jaws of crocodiles.
    94-95 Heavy Freezing Rainstorm – driving sleet storm.
    96-99 Pterosaur Flock (1d4)
       1. Quetzocoatlus – biplane-sized, these fish-eating pterosaurs are large enough to bear a man-sized rider, and cause one severe harm.
       2. Pteranodon – large, toothless pterosaurs with long cranial crests and 20' wingspans.
       3. Electric Eudimorphodon – tiny, toothed pterosaurs with 3' wingspans, they can store an electrical charge in their wiry fur and discharge it as a static shock or a tiny lightning bolt.
       4. Pteradactyl – small, toothed pterosaurs, with 4' wingspans.

    00 Special *