Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Races: Iele

Iele (humans)

Essentially a catch-all term for the most human-like of the mammalian bipeds.  Pronounce the word as "eel" the fish.  There are dozens of distinct iele tribes with their own cultures and distinguishing features, as well as countless interbred families and individuals.  Most other races cannot tell the different tribes apart, thus the name.  Iele means "mongrel", it is slightly offensive, but a widely accepted term.  To human outlanders many of the iele would seem quite alien, while iele would assume a human to be a fellow iele.  The appearances of individual iele are widely variable.  Some have strange skin or hair coloration/patterns, some tails/horns/feathers, some minor natural magical abilities, some have subtler peculiarities.  They have the height and weight range of humans.

Iele of a specific tribe with specific traits who breed with others of that tribe produce children of like traits.  In other instances the children are generally born with random traits.

Iele Tables

To generate a random basic iele, roll once on the iele abilities table, and roll 1d4 times on the iele appearance table, re-roll duplicate or conflicting rolls.

Iele Abilities

01-03  know alignment 1/day
04-06  infravision, 60'
07-09  immune to normal poison
10-12  light 1/day
13-15  darkness 1/day
16-18  speak with animals 1/day
19-21  faerie fire 1/day
22-24  hunter's mark 1/day
25-27  longstrider 1/day
28-30  detect magic 1/day
31-33  +2 to saves vs. fire
34-36  +2 to saves vs. cold
37-39  +2 to saves vs. electricity
40-42  +2 to saves vs. acid
43-45  sense direction 1/day
46-48  beautiful, +1 charisma
49-51  stone augury 1/week
52-54  breath augury 1/week
55-57  water augury 1/week
58-60  flame augury 1/week
61-63  fast, +5' base movement
64-66  strong, +1 strength
67-69  near odorless, lower chance to attract scent-based predators, +2 to sneak vs. same, etc.
70-72  +2 to saves vs. spell
73-75  nimble, +1 dexterity
76-78  hardy, +1 constitution
79-81  curious, +1 wisdom
82-84  clever, +1 intelligence
85-90  ---
91-95  roll twice, reroll 85-00
96-00  roll three times, reroll 85-00

Iele Appearance

01-02  Small antlers
03-04  Sharp teeth
05-06  Red skin
07-08  Blue skin
09-10  Green skin
11-12  Flower patterned skin
13-14  Feathers for hair
15-16  Feathers mixed in hair
17-19  Light patches of fur
20-22  Fur
23-25  Very short
26-28  Very tall
29-30  Striped skin
31-32  Short tail
33-34  Long tail
35-36  Digitigrade
37-38  Extra finger
39-40  Long fingers
41-42  Extra thumb
43-45  Claws
46-47  Gold eyes
48-49  Red eyes
50-51  Silver eyes
52-53  Spice eyes
54-55  Black eyes
56-57  Blue hair
58-59  Green hair
60-61  Patterned hair
62-64  Lithe, thin body
65-67  Stout, thick body
68-69  Glittering skin
70-71  Cat eyes
72-73  Goat eyes
74-75  Flaking skin
76-77  Greasy skin
78-79  Bone spurs at joints
80-81  Completely hairless
82-83  Bioluminescent spots
84-86  Long ears
87-89  Very small ears
90-91  Split lip
92-93  Spinal ridge
94-95  Elongated face
96-00  Roll twice.

The iele, while not unified among themselves, are the most prevalent race.  They breed faster and more successfully than other races and quickly adapt, developing new traits when introduced to new environments.  They form the majority population in most of the cities on the continent and are found in all the others as the largest minority. 


The iele serve several purposes for me.  They replace humans in a setting that I wanted to free of the standard humanoids and demihumans, which I love but exist in another part of the world.  Their lack of cultural unity makes them the most accepting race, they become the glue that holds the peoples in cooperation.  They give players who just want to play a character with unique characteristics of their choosing a way to do so that doesn't make them instantly the craziest looking person in any town.

On track with races unless I think of something else that must be urgently expressed.  C'mon Goboda!

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