Saturday, September 22, 2018

Spells by Keyword

Another diversion...  In order to help myself in creating new weird spells I came up with the following method and four d100 lists of keywords.  The idea is to make a random spell name and riff off of it.  You will get some (plenty of) nonsense, but that usually happens with three or four word combinations.  Drop a word, move words around, switch parts of speech, hell rewrite the rules.  Some examples: Minor Chromatic Teeth, Sap Serpent, Acidic Smoke, Sensual Protection Warrior(!), Ethereal Spider Elemental, One Thousand Bursts, and my favorite Inverse Alchemic Armor Petals.  I post this in the odd chance that someone will find it useful, have fun if you do.


  1. This is definitely useful, especially for making strange cantrips to attach to mundane magic items. Thanks for sharing it!