Thursday, April 5, 2018

Megadungeon: Tomb of the Mountain Heart Encounter Table (d30)

The second of six encounter tables for the Foabel├ęth Ordirrex, the megadungeon beneath Booezor.  Following will be the dump, the Labrynthyne, the moonmetal mine, and the giant termite mound.

Tomb of the Mountain Heart

1. Skin Beetles – flesh stripping, skin devouring beetles, usually encountered in a swarm.
2. Bats (1d4)
1. Cave Stirges – blood-drinking cave animals unrelated to bats, inflict continuously bleeding wounds.
2. Giant Bats – large predatory bats incapable of lifting a man, but will attempt to sever limbs with their wicked, oversized fangs.
3. Shadow Bats – magical bats created from living darkness.
4. Cloak Bats – intelligent, magic-using bats prized for their skins and wing membranes.
3. Bone Eater – large soft-bodied beast, much like a reptilian bulldog or badger, with a heavy tail, that oozes a glue-like ichor and rolls itself in bones and detritus to armor its skin.
4. Flesh Caddiss – giant worm that severs limbs and incorporates them into its horrific still-functional “shell”.
5. Mummified Animal – usually small preserved pet type creatures, occassionally larger guardian animals or beasts of burden.
6. The Masked Mournful – cult-like devotees of the death goddess Ris, protective of the catacombs and the endless dead.
7. Shadow – having devoured their owners they seek to feed themselves with the warmth of others.
8. Tomb Mold – immobile blue-gray mold with highly dangerous spores, sunlight will halt its growth but not kill it.
9. Ghouls – debased and deformed cannibals twisted into something like undeath, there are rumors of a ghoulish kingdom deep underground.
10. Ancestor Spirit – seek to connect/combine with their descendants, if you are unrelated they will low-level geaes your assistance.

11. Wraith – powerful immaterial undead.
12. Tomb Guardian / Wight Knight – bound undead warrior priest, an avatar of antilife.
13. Plasmic Ghost – semi-corporeal ectoplasmic entity that seeks to inhabit corpses and inanimate objects.
14. Swarm of Hands – mass of skittering undead hands that attack and die in dozens.
15. Zombies (1d8)
1. Standard Zombie – moves slow, wants brains...
2. Reanimating Zombie – reanimates with half HP if not totally destroyed.
3. Plated Zombie – with fused armor pieces
4. Fungus Zombie – critical hits cause them to explode in a cloud of dangerous spores.
5. Burning Zombie – resin-treated undead catches fire easily, and burns fiercely for a long time.
6. Plague Zombie – diseased undead transmits sickness through clawing and biting.
7. Zombie Berserker – fast moving, heavily muscled barbarian undead, may be armed or armored.
8. Beast Zombie – remains of a great beast.

16. Delver Group – a party of NPCs from the Delvers' Collective, going to or coming from a mission in the depths.
17. Bone Golem – often built in the form of a multi-armed man or a spider, these golems can repair themselves given time and enough bones.
18. Gobboos (1d4)
1. Kobalds – hyperactive.
2. Gobs – immunities.
3. Hobgobs – smartest.
4. Gorks – strong.

19. Tomb Robbers – single-minded defilers here to smash and grab, they come heavily warded against the undead occupants.
20. Dustmaker Raptors – vulture lizards with stiff-feathered fan tails, they can manipulate and weaponize air currents and particulate.
21. Skeletons (1d10)
1. Dust Skeleton – shatter into fine particulate, irritating and damaging to the lungs and eyes.
2. Shard Skeleton – explode into sharp pieces when destroyed.
3. Reassembling Skeleton – reforms with full HP several seconds after being destroyed, always have a weak point.
4. Fossilized Skeleton – bones made of stone, harder and heavier than normal.
5. Plated Skeleton – with fused armor pieces.
6. Skeleton Champion – mighty skeletal warrior.
7. Skeleton Mage – combat-focused skeletal magic user.
8. Skeleton Priest – adherent of Ris, entropy, death, destruction and cold spheres.
9. Burning Skeleton – lit from within the pelvis, ribcage, or skull with magical (cold)fire.
10. Beast Skeleton – remains of a great beast.
22. Death Fog – deadly or blood-draining miasmic tomb stench become independent mobile entity.
23. Whisperer - resembles a bipedal, wingless, bat about five feet tall, with the v-shaped chests and long forelimbs of a bat, but clawed hands, two of the fingers are rigid and end in large hooked claws, useful in climbing, it is intelligent and can mimic most voices and animal sounds, but is bad at creative improvisation.
24. Spiders (1d4)
1. Large, Highly Venomous
2. Webcaster Spider
3. Trapdoor Spider
4. Giant, Moderately Venomous
25. Necromancer (with Retinue) – some sort of death wizard or subtype of with retinue of evil associates, undead or not.
26. Vampiric Wretches – hideous nosferatu-style bestial vampires.
27. Nyenas – blind troglodytic hyena beasts.
28. Bound Demon – here to guard the catacombs or specific objects, potentially very kind...
29. (Roll on Adjacent Area Table)
30. Special *


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