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20 Quick Questions for Your Campaign Setting Answered

For fun I decided to write up my answers Jeff Rients's "20 Quick Questions for Your Campaign Setting", the original post you can find here. I'll be back to my megadungeon thing, encounter tables, races, and monsters presently.

  1. What is the deal with my cleric's religion?

    That depends on what religion you chose for your cleric and possibly what race the character is. Each of the eight goddesses have multiple aspects and can be worshipped in several ways themselves or as part of a personal pantheon. There are also innummerable demigods, mainly monstrous hyper-magical creatures, that could be your choice of god. There are many villages protected and dominated by demigod beasts where the creature is the focus of the local religion as well. Each choice will imply a different “holy person” class.
  2. Where can we go to buy standard equipment?

    Equipment can be found in most fortified villages with minimal effort, but their selection will be limited, each of the seven great cities has more goods and services than anyone could ask for, standard equipment will be easy to find.

  3. Where can we go to get platemail custom fitted for this monster I just befriended?

    In the great cities there is likely a business that specializes in this very thing and the trick is finding it, and paying their insane prices. If there isn't find yourself an armorer, get friendly, and get your coinpurse out because this is going to cost you so much gold.

  4. Who is the mightiest wizard in the land?

    Jaea the Manufact is a luminary among the group called the Children and the creator of their extradimensional campus colloquially refered to as “the Egg”. She is known to possess more raw magical power than anyone else in Booezor, though her energies are devoted to her new creations and maintaining the Egg.
  5. Who is the greatest warrior in the land?

    The Three Speakers who are the Speaker of the Tangle, the Speaker of the Vast, and the Speaker of the Peaks are each master rangers who represent their ecological areas. All three are inhabited by ancient nature spirits, and whenever one is bested their speakerhood and the spirit pass to the victor. All three are said to be invincible in battle within the lands they speak for.

  6. Who is the richest person in the land?

    The wealthiest individual in the continent is Ovocil, the unseen ruler of the subterranean city of Soec.  Ovocil mandates gate fees and a tax on all transactions, the city's resources are all at his command.  What purpose this amazing material wealth serves to Ovocil is as great a mystery as his appearance.

  7. Where can we go to get some magical healing? 
    Only some of the priests of the goddesses and demigods have the ability to magically cure wounds, and the most benevolent of them is Immacula, the goddess of rain and seeds. Shrines and temples to Immacula are the friendliest in any city, and the payment required for their services usually takes the form of small gems and rare seeds.

  1. Where can we go to get cures for the following conditions: poison, disease, curse, level drain, lycanthropy, polymorph, alignment change, death, undeath?

    See above... except for “alignment change”. I don't normally mess with alignment change, and if I did you wouldn't solve that problem by finding a priest.

  2. Is there a magic guild my MU belongs to or that I can join in order to get more spells?

    Not really, wizards naturally distrust each other so organizations of them are very rare. You will not begin the game as part of one of these groups. Joining the Children, the Numismagi, or the Beetle Mages is a worthy character goal, and any group has unique spells to offer.

  3. Where can I find an alchemist, sage or other expert NPC?

    In any one of the seven great cities you will find such professionals, though Booezor boasts the most sages. Any village has a base ten-percent chance to have a single expert.

  4. Where can I hire mercenaries?

    Whereever you can find a whole bunch of people, a few will do nearly anything for money. Most hires are going to want to know specifics about the work, almost everyone has things they will not do.

  5. Is there any place on the map where swords are illegal, magic is outlawed or any other notable hassles from Johnny Law?

    There are many isolated villages with strange rules. That said, only Tauk Toma the ancient temple city of the goboda bars weapons, and only Booezor (effectively) bars the public use of dangerous magic. The underground city of Soec demands a consistent toll of passage, taxes goods, and bribes to officials are a good idea. The twin cities of Anderside and Kraoshd can be similarly if not as effectively tolled and taxed, but the situation in each is always in flux.

  6. Which way to the nearest tavern?

    Where are you? Maybe seven hundred and fifty miles east or westward, maybe just down the street past the buskers, maybe three miles straight up through jet black stone.

  7. What monsters are terrorizing the countryside sufficiently that if I kill them I will become famous?

    Now that is a tricky one. This is a monster and megafauna filled world, one would need to take down a creature so stupidly huge that it could eat a whole caravan (a Kitemouth or a Gorefex), some kind of unique named nature spirit, one of the innumerable demigod beasts, or one of the Nine Titans if one wanted the sort of fame that echoes from coast to coast. This is not to say that a person who can battle an andrewsarchus or an Elder'lisk one on one won't become known locally, but that's not fame.

  8. Are there any wars brewing I could go fight?

    No. Amassing an army and transporting it the huge, monster-filled distances between the seven great cities is impossible. Many people believe that the aerial insect slavers called the Shem will return en masse from their Crystal Hive on Shemna Island and take (or take back) the people's cities however, that'd be a hell of a war.

  9. How about gladiatorial arenas complete with hard-won glory and fabulous cash prizes?

    Soec, the underground City of Monsters boasts numerous private arenas, each with a different theme and various events. Unfortunately in Soec, corruption means more matches are rigged than anywhere else, though the city's mysterious leader Ovocil supposedly has no interest in the fights beyond his tithe. More arenas can be found in the twin cities of Anderside and Kraoshd when their mad politics allow, and in the jungle city Fasinadas in the fasinaa First Realm. Finally, in the magic city of Booezor there are at least half a dozen Arena Spheres, some public some private. The spheres are large, inscribed stone arches that project a nearly transparent field of force that nullies magic and bars passage, and allow a crowd to observe a wizard contest in safety. 
  10. Are there any secret societies with sinister agendas I could join and/or fight?

    The Cult of the Black Sun are fanatical eclipse worshippers who of course, curse the light, sacrifice the unwilling, and work towards triggering an extinction event level permanent eclipse and guiding a new society in the darkness. They are the most known “secret society”, but all cities have at least one.

  11. What is there to eat around here?

    Plenty! Recognizable and unrecognizable foods with a greater selection as prices increase, abundant meats, root vegetables, fish, some grains, a huge variety of fruit, milk... from things, eggs, etc. Elk, antelope, diprotodon, moa, indricotherium, crocodile, turtle, and small bird are the most commonly eaten meats.  I have an equipment table that includes live animals and animal meat and byproduct prices that's nearly done.

  12. Any legendary lost treasures I could be looking for?

    Beneath Booezor lies the arch-ancient megadungeon called the Foabel├ęth Ordirrex, and at its lowest point is fabled to be the Inverted Throne, an artifact that will make the seated a king and provide the kingdom.
  13. Where is the nearest dragon or other monster with Type H treasure 
    Again not sure where exactly you are, this is a big place, but here are some examples.
    Shreenzepan the Jeweled Talon is the eldest kyanbolo (bird dragon) in the area around the way- town Sradahath, the smartest, and the most dangerous. Beyond the jewellery and magic items it wears on its talons in the kyanbolo way, it has a secret lair somewhere in the mountains. 
    Any of the semi-invisible flying mega-predators called a Kitemouth are likely to have a hoard of accidentally swallowed treasure inside their tremendous, and very long stomachs.
    Older Wood Wyrms, a kind of green forest dragon with vegetation growing from their backs, also swallow masses of treasure to keep in their crop or merely because they like it.
    And as always, there are many villages who worship and/or are controlled by power creatures, some benevolent, some less so. Such creatures often have a great hoard of treasure, often supplied and originally owned by their villagers.

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Megadungeon: Booezor d100 NPCs

 This is the fourth entry in my Booezorian megadungeon series, you can find the earlier posts here:

Here are one hundred non-player character dwellers of Booezor.  They should break down into mostly correct amounts of each race and class.  Obviously wizards are over represented as this is the famed city of riches and magic.

Booezor Individual NPC Table (d100)
01 Dammaddeus, M goboda bard, a storyteller, folk artist, adventurer, and guide, he is friendly and trustworthy, plays the Bwamanna, a hollow, resin-treated gourd instrument and was a companion of (14) Mikayla Lemsteeg in her First Assessment.
02 Syrib Gohoni, myconid wizard, an exile who grew bitter and selfish barred from the collective, talks too much, loves itself, and leads a delving group reported to be highly antagonistic to others.
03 Huo Daoh, M iele monk, a tall soft-voiced man from the archipelagoes with huge eyes and hands, he seems dispassionate in his dealings with people, but comes alive battling a beast for its animal style.
04 Kriskree Taragasth, M fasinaa fighter, a wealthy game hunter with countless trophies from the Vash and the Faakshidraa, he now plans new safaris in the ridgewaste and the Cnacociel area to the east, no “lazy noble” he is the first into the fray every time.
05 Jimbuk Joekpo, M umash wizard, an elderly evoker specialized in arts of fire, lightning, and sand, covered in the scars of allowing his own spells to “touch” him out of respect.
06 Dictyla, F chrichoral wizard, an incredibly pragmatic and conscientous bounty hunter, she specializes in conjuring and altering animals to track and subdue her marks, if sleep and charm don't work.
07 Ashimari, F iele wizard, a mid-rank archaeologist of the Children, she has no time for anything but her work, technomagical circuitry.
08 Dilben Djeenen, M iele wizard merchant, a round obsequious and somewhat lecherous mage of little skill, made a fortune crossing the Gragot with a shipment of extremely rare exotic herbs.
09 Xeleen, M fasinaa sorceror, a creepy fellow who speaks in singsong rhyme, collects nature spirits he binds to masks, scarves, bags, bottles, and jewelry.
10 Skokonom, M fasinaa wizard, the master housemage of Shiariis Booezor the most luxurious hotel in Stoneforest, large, exactingly polite and absolutely unfriendly.
11 Korkorabb, M ogre wizard, a 'born' or 'uncursed' ogre of advanced age, a specialist in soul transference and phylacteries, covered in lockets and bangles.
12 Dugaah, M mororca fighter, one of the few of his kind to come so far from the Gragot, somewhat runty but clever, he commissioned custom armor and throwing weapons and became a feared mercenary.
13 Gigaea, F goboda priest, a young worshipper of Immacula 'the Sweet Leaf', she spents most days at the Temple of Fountains delivering blessings.
14 Mikayla Lemsteeg, F iele wizard, a trailblazing genius in the field of neoarchaeomancy and a continental explorer in her youth, she has repeatedly refused invitation from the Children but has friends amoung their ranks.
15 Leeme Ame, F fasinaa rogue, a short haughty woman who bills herself as a Stealer of Spellbooks though she has only stolen three, possesses a magic glove that can move small objects at a distance.
16 Castigann Islemaster, M iele fighter, a wealthy merchant lord who made and maintains his fortune reaping the spoils of the wild archipelagoes, a great jovial exterior belying an iron fist.
17 Cloatha Vierm, F fasinaa wizard, a biomancer who crafts utile lifeforms and lives in a low tower that connects to the sewers, her living mantle is her familiar.
18 Sol 'Star King' Ephonbask, xiphid fighter/wizard, its current host is a young iele man with crystalline hair that seems on fire in sunlight, its own form a longsword in gold and bronze with a foot-wide circle as the lowest part of the blade, Sol wants to have 'fun' as a noble and mercenary until the Others find it.
19 Neph Taasmin, F fasinaa merchant, a sometime alchemist with an interest in pheremones and scents natural and constructed, popular purveyor of both stink bombs and lust potions.
20 Hop Poiroff, M iele merchant, a hugely bearded little man who rose to wealth creating a variety of alchoholic beverages, can be found scouring the markets for unique flavors and new alchemical processes.
21 Ikani Za, F iele ranger, a plains strider who wears her rope-like braids as armor wound round her arms and torso, she had a twin sister who was slaughtered by the mororca.
22 Sava the Questing Hand, F fasinaa rogue, a young treasure hunter of the Delvers who is passably familiar with all the areas of the undercity, she is always looking for the big score.
23 Trash Glaevbeen, M ogre barbarian, a “born” ogre left in the city dump to fend for himself as a child, now he exists in twin states of blind rage and abject depression, always drinking.
24 Bamfo Queelo, M iele sorceror/rogue, an entertainer conman and social climber, he would sell his own mother for an estate in the Precious Pillars, may know more arcane etiquette than anyone in the city.
25 Jikeje Yirekije, F chrichoral bard, a viall player and epic poet who claims a reputation of fame in the far twin cities, she is determined to work her way into the richest tiers of the city where she can find an appropriate patron.
26 New, F iele priest, a lightly furred and sharp toothed worshipper of Skraosh the Primal Beast, she holds court in the Beastmile amoung the creatures strong enough to escape their bonds, those who can triumph over a beast before her can inherit its power.
27 Quisqouth, M naga merchant, a seller of strange goods found in the deep underground realms, he is a tentative connection to a slaver network that can be accessed in secret locations beneath the city.
28 Klyn, M iele sorceror, a blood mage whose wild overuse of his power is only possible by repeatedly absorbing the regenerative lifeforce of gravid hydromanders, his twins goals are seeking the limit of his magic and procuring a permanent regenerative slave entity.
29 Seer Book, M iele bard, a legendary storyteller whose travels sometimes land him here, he carries a great book of tales from across the continent, those who can tell him a new story are said to be fantastically rewarded.
30 Melchione Daftendiid, F iele artist, a famous singer and dancer in Lighttown who is really twin sisters playing a single part, Melci and Hione grow more interested in the prospect of solo careers much to the consternation of their manager stepmother.
31 Trifling Certaince, M iele sorceror, a famed arena sphere competitor whose flashy victories have earned him a devoted youth following, none know his true desires but many others dream of knocking him from his pedestal.
32 Viisen, F fasinaa fighter, a kind-hearted woman with a powerful sense of right, she left the Four Realms after her elder brother Kaerim became a cult leader and led his charges into the cursed Faakmataba jungle, here in the city she is unsure of the further shape of her life.
33 Yomfast Neernah, F iele wizard, a runic symbol mage with a storied past across the continent in Rilm, she settled down here to run a tavern and tattoo parlour, her most famous creations are living artworks that grant their bearers power.
34 Dadaluuma, M goboda merchant, a 'very careful man' with a fortune made on the sale of the most valuable items, his entire shell is painted every day in a different multicolored design, always guarded invisibly.
35 Tremulaine Arphelt, M iele rogue, a courtesan or gigolo or escort living the easy life, he occassionally finances his drug habit by stealing jewelry or other small items from his clients.
36 Fobo Ebofo, F umash alchemist, an obsessive young girl with a mind for formulae, she is known for her explosives and healing salves.
37 Trancellei Vestment, F iele wizard, a half-mad transmuter prodigy within whose left hand is embedded a transfiguration lens she found in ancient ruins, she cannot help but use her magic all the time and her appearance and environment display this.
38 Anxitiss, F chrichoral ranger, a no-nonsense scout who only laughs at her own jokes and never puts her ass on the line, her combat skills are minimal but she has a secret weapon a bag a magic marbles, each a different design and color.
39 Wesmagh Howlinge, F iele wizard, a noted biographer and Mage of Names, shen cares for the eastern scrollhouse keeping the records since her master Oa disappeared.
40 Grandmother Ygrokkrah, F cauldron hag, a round frog-like woman with slotted unblinking eyes and a gigantic mouth that seems to defy natural law, she spends most of her time in the sewers searching for strange creatures to use in her food magic.
41 Suzarne Starfelt, M iele fighter/wizard, a hollow eyed man past the peak of his life, both his gloves bear grip-breaking blades, he wields a iron and silver sledge to wreak some kind of vengeance against xiphids like (18) Sol.
42 Linulas Ziigrad, M fasinaa artist, an expensive but expert scribe capable of reproducing nearly anything he sees, in a city of scribes his value is greatly enhanced by his inability to remember his works after a day or so.
43 Eventually Urenstz, M iele merchant, a man with truly liquid charm who rose to wealth on the back of his word, his claim has been he can provide you with any good you might desire... eventually.
44 Samazel Dwine, M goboda fighter, a thug employed for intimidations beatings and murder, a fearsome friendless jagged-scaled fellow who nevertheless donates most of his hard won coin to orphanages.
45 Griscole Taethe, M fasinaa merchant, a wide blunt- faced butcher with a useless left eye, popular for his wide selection of meats he is also rumored to dispose of the bodies of people for a good price.
46 Second Son, M iele fighter, a taciturn spear wielder born here in the city, when he was a babe his father forced him to swallow a chunk of black iron so that his elder brother would inherit the magic meant for him, to this day he resists magic and possesses abilities to disrupt it.
47 Shram Gambo, M wumpus merchant, a short jagged-toothed creature like a gremlin with a two tufts of colored fur around his skinny neck, sells bird whistles, other animal calls, and many small items of unknown use, claims alternately to be an exotic or from the depths, swears he's never been to Soec.
48 Yayoida Amzu, F iele priest, a pantheon priestess who preaches lessons of community and the intersection of the divine powers, from the Temple of Shared Graces in Waspnest she is a popular arbiter of disputes.
49 Bokorn Sledgeface, M iele barbarian, a huge man whose skin erupts in keratinous growths, he is originally from a village far in the ridgewaste where his tribe of iele arise, leaves little flakes of horn everywhere.
50 Utrigga Denthk, F iele merchant, the stressed but always efficient manager of an aerial transportation service run on the power of giant insects and flying animals, even resting briefly at a tavern she will be surrounded by a knot of pilots and handlers demanding her attention.
51 The Black Fool, demon, a black clad clown with a morose and fatalistic manner, it speaks true nonsense to those who will hear it and is seen everywhere by those who fear, it knows the way to Ig.
52 Omen Wilbanner, F iele wizard, a self-described Familiarist and owner of Wilbanner's Menagerie in central Cindiband, she has three teenage children who deal with the day to day operations of the zoo and a husband who acquires rare animals.
53 Face-of-Lore, F iele priest, a woman buried beneath multiple masks and robes, a worshipper of Naudde who deals in secrets and dreams, her deepest secrets may require you to find her far beneath the city.
54 Salvencieme Moai, F iele monk/barbarian, once a feral child raised by beasts in the northeast the first other iele she saw she killed with her pack as prey, years and a journey of spirit later and she has achieved a balance between predator and person.
55 Greencup, F goboda wizard, a biomancer specializing in plantlife who lives in a broken stump of a tower commonly called Cup's Hanging Garden, she is incredibly shy and will only converse openly about vegetative matters.
56 Darling Meecha, F mororca merchant, a kind sisterly creature who exudes the pheremonal menace of a predator, she runs a bare bones boarding house and shops in Fruitbasket each afternoon.
57 One, myconid monk, an exile who left the collective in search of solitary meditation, speaks little, its unique fungus style cannot be copied by other races.
58 Moon Eyes, F iele wizard, a cerulean-skinned man with eyes of solid silver color, often in a deep hood with an eye on the front, few have the will to meet his gaze.
59 Nurande, F iele priest, a tremendously tall and gaunt woman wearing a many-layered white and black cloak, an adherent of Ris found in the Crumbling Temple where she silently tends to the mourners and the vacant devotees of the Unmother of Ends.
60 Vane Poulain, M iele rogue, a man whose skin always seems to refect the color of the sky, he claims to be one of the bastard grandchildren of Se'vensaera and glides through difficulties with a smirk, carries a deadly silver short sword with an edge no wider than a blade of grass.
61 Ba Fo Lus, F iele shaman, a spiritdancer who helps to hold the delicate balance of the city and the spirit- filled wilds, she relocates the young confused spirits trapped in the city and tends to the ones who belong.
62 Lemon Lebon, F fasinaa priest, a Liar of Tsugumi with striking yellow-patterned scales, she offers her 'sweet' lemons to those who doubt her conviction as she spreads the words of the Mouth of Poison.
63 Quxut Xorgarb, M iele wizard, a unique summoner who conjures only entities from other worlds, his blind research has resulted in several intelligent beings becoming trapped here and earned him enemies.
64 Cancero Thothiq, M iele wizard, a self-described “Jellimentalist”, an ooze mage who lives in an altered sewer cistern solving problems with plasm, his greatest creation is the living semi-intelligent Slime Cloak he wears.
65 Xica Neknetin, F chrichoral merchant, a young entrepreneur who has just begun her first trading business after six years of saving from dangerous scouting expedition work, she is always looking for valuable commodities that only she can supply.
66 Primjin Jeebit, F fasinaa wizard, a aggressive curse- tongued woman with great skill as an abjurer, she delights in picking fights and watching people breaking their hands against her exquisite wards.
67 Lady Needletongue, F fasinaa noble, a land baron from a newly rich family who was sent north for the oppurtunities of the Pofft coast, always surrounded by desperately preening servants, one with her parasol.
68 Hoska, M fasinaa priest, a Goddess Priest who worships the pantheon of divines, he has no temple and no possessions as he wanders the lower tiers of the city ministering to the less fortunate, years before he was a wealthy and corrupt priest of Tyrant but had a change of heart.
69 Slurvfuss, F fasinaa merchant, a native of the the delta lands to the far south called Tsugumi's Mouth, hunched and heavy for her kind with a strange accent, has her claws in shipments of goods from across the fasinaa's Four Realms.
70 Yaldaban, M fasinaa ranger, a rover of the southern jungles with a deep affinity for serpents, he is a clever user of various natural poisons, he wants to go on a quest to meet one of the legendary coatl.
71 Inquand Yeemel, F iele ranger, a subterranean explorer in the city to search for the underground sea said to lie at the mouth of the Xeeres river below, she escaped from a slave family in Soec a tribe well-suited to cave life.
72 Molar, M fasinaa fighter, a masterful hunter of small animals who excels in the use of javelins, nets, and blowguns, he is the gristly-faced husband of (52) Omen and spends half his time beyond the city in search of rare, beautiful, and entertaining creatures.
73 Gramaton Fague, F iele wizard, an artificer who specializes in the manufacture of golems and other artificial creations, recently she has begun making a series of gemstone insects that function like ioun stones.
74 Vramman Kesth Vabais, M fasinaa rogue, a noble born assassin fond of obscure methods of inhumation, his profession is considered an amusing but dirty hobby by his family, he once killed a man with a parakeet.
75 Illveil, M iele wizard, a massively wealthy noble mage constantly scheming to amass more control over a city of a thousand wizards, he is highly charismatic and delights in enriching himself through foolish delvers, he seeks the Inverted Throne.
76 Llasmas, F iele fighter, a lowly waterbearer who treks miles and miles delicately across the city each day moving water from Fruitbasket fountains to the thirsty folk of the Weave, her great dreams are only tempered by her current duty.
77 Xaraxianne, F gorgon merchant, an expert jeweler and appraiser with a shop in Secondmarket, she is known as a femme fatale, theater-goer, and noblewoman.
78 Renkan Yourst, M iele wizard, a young eidolon summoner who currently bears three strong elemental entities, wears a many-layered outfit of primary colors and employs colored crystals and wands to manipulate his creatures.
79 Jolorael, celestial, a minor being of the higher vibrational planes who occupies an iele-like form with golden eyes and diamond-shaped pupils, was originally called here by (63) Quxut Xorgarb, they have long made their peace and share information at a monthly lunch.
80 Hapiisma Santii So, F chrichoral priest, tiny and tied with countless colorful ribbons and streamers a worshipper of vast free Se'vensaera, she has no temple and will not touch the ground, she sings to whoever will hear from the most glorious perches she can find.
81 Behemoth Busteneg, M iele fighter, a huge aging warrior once enslaved by the Shem, his mind is still rattled by the years of psychoactive venom and his tale of the escape makes little sense and changes each time.
82 Hraad, M (undead) fasinaa fighter, a once proud warrior now reduced to bones and hate, bound to the service of (02) Syrib Gohoni, wears the poisoned Mreka's mask.
83 Majiduk, M goboda priest, a fanatical cultist of the Black Sun, a huge-bodied goboda covered in layers and layers of torn cloth of dark colors, seeks money and followers to feed the cause.
84 Ulis Ur, M iele wizard, a rotten-skinned native wretch of the ridgewaste often mistaken for a beggar, a mage of dust, gristle and unwholesome energies, often found eating at the dumping grounds.
85 Lanterband Hopes, F iele merchant, a popular fashion designer in the upper tiers, her clothes always sparkle, glow or shine.
86 White Finger, M iele wizard, a man of pale hair, skin and robe, a specialist in the application and removal of curses, his body is incredibly feeble.
87 Tablet, F iele avatar, a holy warrior of Tyrant clad in stone and metal armor with a weapon like an obelisk, new to the city but already attracting a following of Tenets.
88 Boa No Umboa, F iele priest, a worshipper of Conce seeking converts so far above sea level, Boa is strong in holy power and highly charismatic, she is said to slay men with her tears.
89 Demajka Gloab, F wizard/priest, a structure mage and adherant of Tyrant, a true devotee of Law, she is publicly a member of the Census Objex while most other members conceal themselves, carries a magic staff made of links of steel and silver chain.
90 Eeleenik, M fasinaa sorceror, a low level drug baron with very unsavory friends and a hand in his own stash, spends most of his time smoking a giant hooka on top of a mountain of pillows.
91 Shogutu, F fasinaa barbarian, a disgraced house guard for one of the ruling families of Fasinadas she lost everything and came north, now she sells her blades and her bottomless rage for top coin.
92 Facce Cef, F iele rogue/sorceror, a new adherent of the Moonmythus who has acquired a liquid silver homunculus, she participates in many delves into the megadungeon where her expertise in certain archaic, silver-powered traps has demonstrated itself again and again.
93 Thresp, F fasinaa wizard/rogue, an urban hunter of the ancient sealed towers and modern locked basements, generally uninterested in the fabled riches of the megadungeon, she is seen with a variety of small trained animals and it is unclear which is her familiar.
94 Scrib Scrib, M chrichoral artist, an extremely popular painter of protraits and caricatures, bored of the constant demand for new paintings he has begun secretly creating works of grafitti in a wild new style.
95 Moniid, F goboda monk, an amazingly flexible and dextrous goboda able to nearly retract her limbs in a way others cannot, she regularly practices a kind of meditative stretching technique in one of the public fountain squares, no one has disrupted her since the incident three years ago.
96 Pik-tek-tik, M chrichoral fighter, a young hero with blue-tinted feathers, the only things greater than his bravery and skill with blades are the stories he tells about himself.
97 Seddashu, M iele fighter, a wanderer of the ridgewaste who has seen its expansion in the last decade and its decline into unnatural evil, he left though he knows the waste slowly follows.
98 Ptahf, M fasinaa ranger, a sarcastic and suspicious strider of the Vash, an excellent and inexpensive guide to the city's surrounding grassland.
99 Zaenab, M iele wizard, a chronomancer and celebrated historian of the Children, one of the leading authorities on the near-ancient history of Booezor, however he is often more interested in the rapid political transformations of Anderside and Kraoshd.
00 Senet, M human wizard, an evil mage from another world, a master summoner and evoker, has a freakish third arm that seems to move on its own, no body hair, and a deep hatred of elves.

Perhaps specific NPCs are not what you crave and a simple race and class/profession table is what you really need.  I've brought one of those as well.

Booezor General NPC Table (d100)
01 Goboda warrior monk
02 Goboda hunter
03-04 Goboda trader
05-06 Goboda shopkeep
07 Goboda wizard
08 Goboda Eternal Pilgrim
09 Mororca hunter
10 Mororca gourmand
11 Mororca trader
12 Mororca barbarian
13 Mororca shaman
14-15 Mororca mercenary
16-17 Homunculus
18 Mephit
19 Chrichoral trader
20 Chrichoral hunter
21 Chrichoral ranger
22-23 Chrichoral rogue
24-25 Chrichoral shopkeep
26 Chrichoral Songstealer
27-28 Chrichoral messenger
29 Iele hunter
30-31 Iele trader
32-33 Iele shopkeep
34-35 Iele rogue
36-38 Iele wizard
39-40 Iele priest
41 Iele ranger
42 Iele cultist
43-44 Iele mercenary
45 Iele explorer
46 Xiphid
47 Fasinaa hunter
48-49 Fasinaa rogue
50-51 Fasinaa trader
52 Fasinaa Liar
53-54 Fasinaa sorceror
55 Fasinaa ranger
56 Fasinaa property master
57 Fasinaa cultist
58 Fasinaa druid
59-60 Fasinaa shopkeep
61 Umash dervish
62 Umash hunter
63 Umash trader
64 Umash elementalist
65 Umash alchemist
66 Umash nomad
67 Umash shopkeep
68 Umash priest
69 Ogre mercenary
70 Ogre priest
71 Ogre sorceror
72 Ogre trader
73 Ogre shopkeep
74 Ogre hunter
75 Skeleton laborer
76 Zombie porter
77-78 Keeper - semi-material menders
79 Seeker - magically generated hunter
80-81 Sweeper - large, furred cleaning snail
82 Myconid trader
83 Myconid diplomat
84 Myconid alchemist
85 Myconid wizard
86 Myconid priest
87 Myconid shopkeep
88 Ollgrad witchdoctor
89 Ollgrad trader
90 Ollgrad mercenary
91 Ollgrad gourmand
92 Naga aristocrat
93 Naga slaver
94 Naga drug dealer
95 Naga debtmaster
96 Golem, terracotta
97 Golem, granite
98 Golem, brass
99 Golem, iron
00 Outlander/Exotic

This I think concludes the necessary "pre-dungeon work" let the dungeon work begin... next time maps and monsters?  Hmm, if I ever lose my mind completely and decide to design an rpg, Maps & Monsters is the name.