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Random Encounters by Terrain - Sea / Ocean (d100)

It's been since September last year that I finished one of my d100 random encounter tables for the Furthest Lands continent.  Probably have about 4 more to do (wastelands, subterranean, freshwater, mountains) and there will be a nice range of general monsters for any terrain type.  Previously completed tables can be found here:  plains, forest, swamp, desert.

Sea – 33% / day
    01-02 Aboleth – the masters of the southern oceans, the great tentacled slavers of the benthic deeps have several great temples to unknown gods on the ocean floor.
    03-04 Vaedaleth (Aboleth Savant) – the Aboleth high priests are a form apart from their lesser brethren, with tremendous bloated bodies and the dark powers bestowed by their alien gods.
    05-06 Jaguleth – Aboleth slaves mutated over time into perfect underwater servitors, part humanoid, part alien physiognomy of the 'leth.
    07-08 Cannonfish - a distant relative of the freshwater squirterhorse, fires a large glob of acid and enzymes that bursts like a grenade on impact. Goo slowly consumes metal, quickly consumes organic material, and has no effect on stone.
    09-10 Island Jelly – great composite jelly the size of an isle, home to many symbiotic species. Paralytic tendrils stretch for hundreds of feet around the creature, slowly consuming anything ensnared within.
    11-12 Edged Trilobite Swarm – razor-shelled arthropods that seem to absorb blood released into the water and become energized by it. They attack in massive swarms and are a known problem in the eastern oceans.
    13-14 Giant Amoeba – tremendous translucent salt water protozoan, its questing pseudopods always searching for food. Most grow to the size of a rowboat, while some have swollen large enough to consume whales.
    15-16 Small Island (1d10)
      1. Metal island – some sort of ancient metal structure protruding from the sea.
      2. Volcanic island inactive
      3. Volcanic island active
      4. Flat topped pillar – rises hundreds of feet from the sea.
      5. Jungle Island – filled with dense tropical forest.
      6. Atoll
      7. Island of unique iele – populated by an isolated iele tribe with homogeneous traits.
      8. Blasted ruined barren island
      9. Levitating Island -
      10. Island Monster! - the isle is a dormant colossal animal.
    17-18 Titan Anglerfish – great jawed monstrosities of the abyssal depths who migrate toward the surface for the easier sources of food. Some of the largest varieties can use their lure as a minor image effect.
    19-20 Plesiosaurs – paddle-finned, long necked aquatic reptiles that specialize in preying upon flying creatures. Hungry individuals can pluck a man off the deck of a ship easily.
    21-22 Carcharodon Megalodon – king of sharks, fifty feet of muscle and ever-replenishing teeth, stalking the open oceans and coasts with singular purpose. They are worshiped as honored ancestor spirits by the Sahaughin.
    23-24 Doldrums – the Calm, flat windless seas that last days or even weeks.
    25-26 Lance Tongue – huge hump-backed beast with four flippers like a plesiosaur, the great wide mouth and neckless head of a frog, and bulbous forward facing eyes. True to its name the creature projects its bony-tipped tongue like a harpoon, impaling prey to be swallowed.

    27-28 Serpent (1d4)
       1. Storm Herald Serpent – the serpent that carries the storm with it, roaring thunder on fins of lightning,
       2. Abyss Serpent – the blue-black serpent of the abyssal depths, it will only rise to the surface to feed at night, where its rows of bioluminescent spots have hypnotized sailors off their ships into its waiting mouth.
       3. Still Sea Serpent – the slow, wide, patient serpent that carries the Calm, it will make a promise to leave if offered living sacrifice.
       4. Windspinner Serpent – aerial serpent, all great wind-catching fins, can create slicing gusts of air and spin waterspouts. Some delight in blowing ships off course.

    29-31 Sahaugin Hunting Party – fish heads, shark kin, gill men, the sahaughin are violent, primitive, and voracious eaters of any other race they can catch. They worship dark aspects of Conce and Skraosh, wield shark tooth weapons, and are known to grow continuously larger throughout their lives.
    32-33 “Conce's Blossom” Sea Anemone – mass of pink, orange, or red tentacles, covered in paralytic nematocysts. Occassionally one will move from the ocean floor, fusing itself to the bottom of a ship where it can become a problem.
    34-36 Terror Whale Pod – sixty foot toothed whales, dark blue and white skinned, ravenous but highly intelligent predators capable of taking down animals many times their size. Terror Whales are known to occasionally sink ships and eat sailors, but there are other stories of them behaving benevolently to those in need.
    37-38 Sea Naga – these naga live in caves on the sea floor that connect to the wider Beneath and their more sadistic cousins. They are still bound by the spiritual resurrection economy of the other naga.
    39-41 Archelon - prehistoric sea turtle as large as a car, with a flat, ridged shell shaped like a huge shield. Common along certain coastlines, and hunted for its meat and carapace.
    42-43 Hurricane – violent wind and rain storm.
    44-45 Giant Squid – the iconic giant squid Architeuthis, prey of colossal toothed whales and bane of the ocean depths.
    46-47 Attack Scallops – aquatic relatives of the ubiquitous land-dwelling Shard Leeches, these mollusks rapidly swim and bite with the sharpened edges of their shells. Convergent evolution has produced species of oysters and mussels that attack in the same fashion.
    48-49 Kraken (Giant Octopus) – these cephalopods range from the approximate size of a man to that of the largest ships. Krakens become more and more intelligent as they grow larger, the giants among them learn magical or priestly spells.
    50-51 Suitable Elemental
       1. Lightning
       2. Cloud
       3. Water
       4. Air

    52-53 Queen Nebbem's Krait - a particularly large and deadly sea snake with a wicked necrotic venom that can wither a limb in an hour.
    54-55 Box Jelly Bloom – dozens, hundreds, or thousands of painfully and paralytically venomous box jellies drifting in the current.
    56-57 Giant Nautilus – whorl-shelled cephalopods, usually tan or red-orange striped they only pose a threat to those directly in the water. An intact giant nautilus shell will quickly find a buyer in any city.
    58-59 Shonisaurus 60' long icthyosaur, a marine reptile similar in shape to a dophin, with a long thin snout full of conical teeth.
    60-61 Thunderstorm – sky shredding lightning, high waves, and cacophonous thunder.
    62-63 Fasinaa Vessel – high-bodied, pontooned vessels with multiple decks. Many are reinforced with living plant material that can repair/regrow itself.
    64-65 Drowned Dead – waterlogged animate corpses, more like ghouls than zombies. Able to swim and climb aboard ships easily, they will attempt to drown their targets for preference.
    66-67 Umash Vessel – one of the multi-hulled and many sailed umash ships. These vessels are equipped with primitive cannons known to randomly backfire.
    68-69 Wereshark (1d4) – because it is considered terrible luck to ignore a sailor set adrift, weresharks often masquerade as such. Even those who resist or are unaware of their curse may be picked up this way, slaughtering a crew before being found, unknowing and alone by the next.
       1. Iele
       2. Fasinaa
       3. Umash
       4. Sahaughin

    70-71 Drill Ammonites – screw shelled cephalopods that can spin their webbed arms at high speed to assist in drilling into flesh or the hulls of ships.
    72-73 Waverunners – long-legged, therapod dinosaurs that can run along the surface of the ocean, their strange-shaped feet buoy them up even when stationary, and their wide finned tail provide lift. Waverunners are each larger than a man and bird light, they crisscross the waves hunting anything that surfaces for breath.
    74-76 Iele Vessel – the various sailing ships of the iele come in every size, shape, and construction.
    77-78 Shem Formation - 4-10 Shem hunting for or returning with captives. Often accompanied by Bloat Cages (1-4), ground slaves (5-50), or aerial slaves (2-20)
    79-80 Afanc – dreaded giant whirlpool fish, capable of creating mast cracking waves and ship sinking eddies. Highly temperamental and fond of destroying ships and consuming crews.
    81-82 Mutant Aquatic Troll Pack - slightly undersized trolls that mutate as they regenerate. All have gills and finned/webbed appendages when encountered. During regeneration of massive damage they can fuse together into larger abominations or break into smaller, independent, ruined parts.
    83-84 Suitable Nature Spirit (1d4)
       1. Songbird of the Deep – a siren-like spirit that beckons surface dwellers to the ocean depths.
       2. Omza – a primal spirit that can devolve a person into a sea-dwelling form.
       3. Ea'ea - an instilling spirit of growth and energy. Can transform any living thing into a force to be reckoned with, at a cost.
       4. Waiwie "Tilted Scale" (Chaos Spirit) - from a distance a glowing dragonfly, closer just branching luminous nerves. A spirit that takes/erases elements of law and society from an individual and replaces them with natural elements (Example: the Waiwei steals your money and replaces it with meat or seeds, or maybe erases the Fasinaa language from your mind and replaces it with the tongue of flowers or birds).

    85-87 Nothosaur Pack – ten foot long aquatic reptiles, almost seal-like with flexible necks and jaws of overlarge teeth.
    88-89 Nimbus Fisherman - huge jelly-type creature which surrounds itself in clouds, and dangles its nearly invisible stinging tentacles to the ocean surface below. Usually encountered with symbiotic scavengers.
    90-91 Flying Fangfish – leaping fish that fly over the sea on gliding fins. Their mouths are filled with razor sharp overlarge teeth which they use to incise flesh and sever limbs.
    92-93 Mosasaur Pod – 40' long, paddle-finned aquatic reptiles with the smooth skin of whales and the jaws of crocodiles.
    94-95 Heavy Freezing Rainstorm – driving sleet storm.
    96-99 Pterosaur Flock (1d4)
       1. Quetzocoatlus – biplane-sized, these fish-eating pterosaurs are large enough to bear a man-sized rider, and cause one severe harm.
       2. Pteranodon – large, toothless pterosaurs with long cranial crests and 20' wingspans.
       3. Electric Eudimorphodon – tiny, toothed pterosaurs with 3' wingspans, they can store an electrical charge in their wiry fur and discharge it as a static shock or a tiny lightning bolt.
       4. Pteradactyl – small, toothed pterosaurs, with 4' wingspans.

    00 Special *

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Megadungeon: Outline of Minor Dungeon Levels and Features

The Foabel├ęth Ordirrex, my megadungeon, begins beneath the city of Booezor with six minor dungeons as entrances.  This is a diagram of their levels, features and connections.  Each square on the outline indicates a dungeon map (level one of the sewer is three maps large), each line a connection between maps, and each numbered node a "feature".  Beyond this diagram the minor dungeons eventually connect and continue downward for at least five more levels.
I'd like to fully write up and map the first level of each minor dungeon.  If I can accomplish that I'll see how I feel about the remaining levels, but it isn't exactly my aim to detail this whole megadungeon.  I've got a list of around fifty monsters to be illustrated and stated.

Labrynthyne (3 levels) – a quasi-extradimensional prison structure built to contain magic users. It is filled with creatures that ignore, twist, or feed on magic energies, convicts too dangerous (or hated) to kill, and beings from other planes.
(levels are randomly generated each time it is entered, connections to other areas are random)
1  Astral Passage – permanent connection to the astral plane (lvl 1).
2  The Parasite Ship – an illithid living ship from Quiddath is anchored to this reality here (lvl 2).
3  Nexus – an area of repeatedly folded space, potentially connects to various other points in the megadungeon (lvl 3).

Filth Pits / Refuse Dump (3 levels) – the size of small town and with a population of people to match, the city's dumping grounds have become their own multi-leveled ecosystem and cave complex, eventually meeting the sewers or the twin underground helical rivers.
4  Trash Town – village of monstrous freaks and lepers (lvl 1).
5  The Corpsegrounds – junction of Dump and Tomb, dumping place for bodies of the lowest class citizens (lvl 1).
6  Rusted Reef – an ecology built around the rusted hulks of ancient machinery (lvl 2).
7 Grunglegon the Glutton Wyrm's Lair – the largest and maddest of the Glutton Wyrms makes its home here (lvl 3).
 8  Sludgefalls – junction of Sewer and Dump, empties into Xeeres river which winds down to the underground sea (lvl 3).

Oldcity Sewer System (3 levels) – the functional and nonfunctional sewer systems of several iterations of the city built on top of each other. A huge mess of tunnels and chutes that spans more than twice the length of the city.
9  Sluicedweller Shafts – home to the Fasinaa Sluicedwellers, the descendants of uncivil marsh dwellers whose reactions to outsiders vary (lvl 1).
10 Oldcity Ruins – here the sewer empties through the collapsed and moldering ruins of the oldcity and creates a fetid underground lake (lvl 2).
11 Flooded Halls – junction of Sewer and Tomb, waters from the sewers flood into the tomb passages here, half-filling the halls (lvl 2).
8  Sludgefalls – junction of Sewer and Dump, empties into Xeeres river which winds down to the underground sea (lvl 3).
12 Ekkaslurem the Cistern Wyrm's Lair – the oldest of the Cistern Wyrms and god of the Troggers makes its home here (lvl 3).

Tomb of Mountain's Heart (5 levels) – its earliest parts were dug deep into the heart of the Sculpted Mountain, and the subsequent generational levels were stacked on top of each other one after another as the city grew. It occupies little horizontal space but a great deal of vertical space.
 5  The Corpsegrounds – junction of Dump and Tomb, dumping place for bodies of the lowest class citizens (lvl 1).
13 Necropolis I – the city of the dead frequented by the living mournful (lvl 1).
11 Flooded Halls – junction of Sewer and Tomb, waters from the sewers flood into the tomb passages here, half-filling the halls (lvl 2).
14 Shrine of Ris – a massive silent temple to Ris the goddess of entropy (lvl 2).
16 Sleeping Fossil Veins – junction of Tomb and Mine, the resting place of innumerable ancient creatures, their remains pressed together into undead chimera (lvl 3).
15 Necropolis II – the true city of the dead, only frequented by them (lvl 3).
17 Bone Pentagrammetricon – a great unholy device, a powerful altar for interacting with spirits of the dead (lvl 4).
18 Lich Queen's Throne – one of the elder rulers of Booezor holds her wraith court in the deepest part of the tombs (lvl 5).

Moonmetal Mine (4 levels) – silver IS magic in the “Furthest Lands”, not a currency. Occasionally silver or Moonmetal will rain down from the sky as meteorites. The most closely guarded mine on the lower slopes of Booezor's Sculpted Mountain was once a steady source of the magical metal.
19 Abandoned Shafts – the worked and emptied shafts that bore earlier lodes (lvl 1).
20 The Crystal Gallery – a tremendous crystal-lined cavern (lvl 2).
21 The Overreach (Contested Zone) – junction of Mound and Mine, a battlefield in the war between man and termite (lvl 2).
22 Active Veins – active silver veins (lvl 3).
16 Sleeping Fossil Veins – junction of Tomb and Mine, the resting place of innumerable ancient creatures, their remains pressed together into undead chimera (lvl 3).
23 Corrupted Meteorite – the resting place of an ancient meteorite filled with daemantine, dormant Metal Demons (lvl 4).

Giant Termite Mound (4 levels) – a great nest of giant termites at the base of the sculpted mountain is believed to connect to the deeper parts of the megadungeon.
24 The Sunken Tower – a mage's tower, long fallen into ruin and half swallowed by the mound (lvl 1).
25 Fungus Gardens – vast areas of fungal growth tended by the termites (lvl 2).
21 The Overreach (Contested Zone) – junction of Mound and Mine, a battlefield in the ceaseless war between man and termite (lvl 2).
26 Thliffuthand the Titan's Lair – a colossal beast like a great anteater makes its home here, it is one of the Nine Titans scattered across the continent (lvl 3).
27 Royal Chambers – the primary termite queen's area of the mound (lvl 4).

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Megadungeon: Tiers of Booezor with Locations of Note & a Buildings Table

Some information and a diagram dealing with tiers of the magic city of Booezor and its inhabited tiers.  The businesses noted are meant to be a sample of what can be found on each layer, not a complete list of what is there.  Following that is a d100 buildings table for generating neighborhoods and such when needed.

Tiers of the City

I. The Weave, a hanging shantytown and scattered caves hung from the side of the sculpted mountain, difficult to get to, many entrances exist, not considered part of the city proper.
High crime, no Census Objex presence, poor equipment.

The Crusty Cache, weapons and armor warehouse.
Hannah Blanda's Hammocks, a hanging flophouse, cheapest rates in the Cnatka Taer.
The Hanging Garden, a low quality tavern.
Cave of Hours, a low quality tavern and drug den (Hours is the name of the owner).
Mazadam's Heap, general store.
Lidless Yero's Aviary, live birds, and other small animals.

II. Bottomshelf / Beastmile, lower cliff villages each with their own name, difficult to get to, many entrances exist, not considered part of the city proper, and the city's external animal market, a town in itself.
High crime, very low Census Objex presence, poor equipment, excellent creature selection (in Beastmile).

Lolequith's Least Wares, general store.
Stinking Ungents, low quality apothecary.
Coerl Has A Nest, flophouse.
Reechama Thirty Six, low quality lodging.
Gem-Eyes' Rumor House, tavern and gambling den.
Eop's Oddities, general store and curiosity shop.
The Eerie Edge, a low quality tavern and drug den.
Skaskun's Used Arms, used weapons and armor.
Jdgrega's Fighting Animals, livestock.

III. Fruitbasket / Waspnest / the Sprawl, the lowest main level of the city, street after street of markets, shops, residences, taverns, and lodging.
Medium crime, Census Objex presence, standard equipment.

Cup of Chips & the Coinpot Silo, a circular metal building with a diamond motif, the feehouse were duties to the city are paid by every caravan and merchant, and the church-sized squat entryless silo where the fees are stored.
Bustide's Mineral Scrubhouse, baths.
Grebe-chen's Amazing Fruit, specialty and magic fruits.
Arklen's Alchemaestry, apothecary.
The Paper Palace, a brothel.
Lamseda's Layplace, the cheapest and largest flophouse.
Skreefa's Softest Sheets, good quality lodging.
The Purple Cloud, a tavern.
High Sun's Shadow, a low quality tavern.
Ansere's First Sip, a tavern, drug and gambling den.
The Overfull Bowl, a good quality tavern.
Steel Plunjeet, weapons and armor.
Kanzabaa's Marvelous Futures, fortune telling.

IV. Secondmarket / Cindiband, the higher classed and more specialized markets and shops are here, fine work can be purchased, the residences are higher, the entertainment more elaborate.
Low crime, Census Objex presence, second tier equipment.

One Fat Bird, a tavern.
An Honest Cup of Sea, a good quality tavern.
Gardens of Djel, good quality lodging.
Amaskein, good quality weapons.
Shining Turtle, good quality armor.
Thirsty Flaskin's Potions, potions, oils, tinctures.
The Sleepy Peeper, good quality lodging, drug den.

V. Lighttown, high class everything, hotels, night life, gambling, street noble culture, everyone wears disposable magic light junk, and revels in public excess.
Low crime, Census Objex presence, third tier equipment.

Neverever Club, a quality tavern, brothel, and gambling house.
The Lighthouse, a quality tavern, brothel, and gambling house.
The Booezor Shiaris, quality lodging.
Silver Star, quality weapons.
Dragon's Head, quality armor.
Seven-Winged Swift, quality lodging, tavern.

VI. Stoneforest, bridge-connected highspires house the super-rich, the mage elite, and their clustered entertainments.
Only high class crime, high Census Objex presence, all equipment

The Candriar Library, a library.
Garma Merilkian's Zoo, park zoo.
Primeris Club, a high quality tavern, brothel, and gambling house.
The Szandikan, high quality lodging.
First Sphere, arena entertainment.

VII. Precious Pillars, the highest and most improbable towers belong to the most venerable Children, some unaligned magi, the ultra-rich (1%), and the oldest wizard houses.
Only high class crime, high Census Objex presence, all equipment.

House Aldabodath, a noble wizard clan.
House Primis, a noble wizard clan.
House Nyremn, a noble wizard clan.
House Gaerabin, a noble wizard clan.

VIII. The Egg, a permanent physical extrusion, made of pure magic, of a vast extradimensional space that serves as the campus of the Children. Truly there is a palace within the space the Egg describes.
No crime, highest Census Objex presence.

House of the Second Lens, an oracular focus device.
The Librariax Ovum, the great library of the Children.
The Azure Palace, high council seat of the Children.

Booezor Buildings Table (d100)

01 Advocate
02-04 Animal Dealer / Breeder
05-06 Apothecary
07-08 Arena Sphere
09-11 Armorer
12 Bakery
13-14 Bookbinder
15-16 Bowyer/Fletcher
17 Brewery
18-20 Brothel
21-22 Butcher
23-24 Chandler
25-26 Component Shop
27 Court
28-29 Curiosity Shop
30-31 Drug Den
32-34 Flophouse
35-36 Fortuneteller
37-38 Furrier
39 Gallery
40-41 Gambling Den
42-44 General Store
45 Glassworks
46-47 Healer
48-50 Hotel
51-52 Jeweler
53-55 Locksmith
56-57 Mall (indoor market)
58-59 Mason
60-61 Moneychanger
62 Muralist / Painter
63-65 Private Residence
66-67 Salon
68 Sanitarium
69-71 Scholar
72-73 Scribe
74 Sculptor
75-76 Shrine
77-79 Storehouse
80-81 Tailor
82-83 Tanner
84-87 Tavern
88-89 Temple
90 Theater
91 Watchtower
92-94 Weaponsmith
95 Weaver
96-98 Winery
99-00 Misc. Entertainment

 I am hard at work on the early minor dungeon levels themselves at this point, so more megadungeon junk to follow.  Till next time.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Megadungeon: The Moonmetal Mine Encounter Table (d30)

This is it, the final minor dungeon encounter table, 6/6 the Moonmetal (Magical Silver) Mine.  I actually finished a series of a thing, lookit that.  That means there's hope for completion of my playable races and the other primary encounter tables, the d100 ones.  I still have badlands, seas, general subterranean and probably a bunch more left to do.
Anyway the previous minor dungeon encounter tables are:

Moonmetal Mine (d30)
1. Moon Mites – flat, chrome-shelled arachnids with bolt cutter jaws, found dormant in fallen moonrocks, their bodies are incredibly hard and shatter all but the finest weapons, they now continuously plague the living creatures of the mines when new clusters are discovered.
2. Excavator Golem – powerful steel monstrosity prone to disasterous break downs and dangerous accidents, equipped with two jackhammer arms and a drill bit head.
3. EEKs – Explosive Excavation Konstructs, small ambulatory bomb creatures, they come in a range of sizes, their only attacks are a nasty bite and devastating self destruction.
4. Xyrx – creature of elemental earth, like a starfish with only three arms, there are purple gem-like eyes between each arm, and three-jawed toothy mouth opening in the center of each side, the whole creature is fifteen feet across and moves through solid rock like air hunting for delicious gemstones and rare metals.
5. Cannontail – 15' long rock-eating reptile, combines minerals in special glands and fires a kind of molten cannonball from its false head tail, migrate from the depths to here for the delicious mining scree and deposits of salts.
6. Environmental Encounter (1d4)
   1. Sinkhole – 50% collapse on themselves, 50% empty into a lower area.
   2. Warped Magic Zone – area of chaotic magical effects, some local wildlife are attracted here.
   3. Active Spirits – nature spirits here are active, driven wild with the presence of all the hidden silver, they want to madden the “invaders” with visions of the deeps.
   4. Untapped Silver Vein – hereto untouched lode of the precious moon metal silver, only about a handfull of sp worth.

7. Earth Elemental – most are bound and summoned to move stone or guard the precious veins in the tunnels.
8. Metal Mimic – able to assume the forms of metallic objects, veins of shining ore, weapons, tools, etc., at rest a dull liquid metal.
9. Slave Miners – mainly kept for the finest work, they either pick away with tiny tools at the thin veins of silver that remain or mine other metals and salt.
10. Guardian Golem (Iron) – massive humanoid construct of blackened iron, its arms are formed into giant sledgehammers that fit together to create a tower shield.
11. Guardian Golem (Steel) massive humanoid construct of burnished amask steel, it carries a masterwork steel greatspear in each hand.
12. Moonmythus Agents – unauthorized and secretive silver seekers from the Moonmythus group, suspicious of others if not downright hostile.
13. Shard Leech Scree - razor-edged stones used as the shell of a 4"-14" land mollusc, hide in areas of loose rock waiting for man size or larger prey, throw themselve en masse at a target, pierce flesh and release a mild paralytic venom, drink their fill of blood, fall out of the target, and move away from the remains.
14. Silverdust Spectre – tormented spirit seen in the swirling forms of silvery dust, swallows years of life from its victims while desperately trying to embrace them.
15. Quicksilver Serpent – thirty feet long and thick as a man, an incredibly rapid moving serpent with a thrashing whip-like tail, and a venomous bite that causes madness.
16. Metallic Ants – giant steel, copper, and gold colored ants from somewhere deep underground, while they behave much like standard giant ants, they supplement their diet with small amounts of metals, gold seems the most desirable while silver seems to be an intoxicant.
17. Noble Family Wizard (1d4) – always accompanied by a retinue of guards/golems, here to inspect their share of the mine asset.
   1. Aldabodath Clan
   2. Gaerabin Clan
   3. Nyremn Clan
   4. Primis Clan

18. Silverspine Dragon – relatively small steely-scaled wurm with rows of silvery spines down its back, along its forelimbs, and along its non-functional battering wings, it breathes a cloud of hallucinatory gas that confuses foes, and has a certain ability to pluck random useful spells from the aether that are drawn to its silvered body.
19. Giant Tamed Moles – hut-sized domesticated moles used for excavating and guarding shafts, usually accompanied by drivers with mole picks.
20. Viral Crystal – blade straight glittering crystal clusters, easily slice through clothes and skin and begin crystal infections that continue to cut and weigh down the body.
21. Fossil Chimera – several unrelated ancient animals, their remains fused into a skeletal monstrosity maddened by competing instincts, millions of years, and the magical influence of the lodes of moonmetal.
22. Whisperer - resembles a bipedal, wingless, bat about five feet tall, with the v-shaped chests and long forelimbs of a bat, but clawed hands, two of the fingers are rigid and end in large hooked claws, useful in climbing, it is intelligent and can mimic most voices and animal sounds, but is bad at creative improvisation.
23. Xiphid – person possessed by a daemantine weapon, a Metal Demon from beyond the starless blackness of the cursed season, the silver deposits in the mine call out to them and the lesser ones find themselves drawn here.
24. Guardian Demon – bound and summoned demons of violent hate, unable to interact with most beings they are aware of in the mine, their reaction to intruders is swift and disproportionate.
25. Mineral Dryads – spirits of living rock with female forms, agitated by the mining operations they trap mortals within gemstones, or lure them to their deaths.
26. Bats (1d4)
   1. Cave Stirges – blood-drinking cave animals unrelated to bats, inflict continuously bleeding wounds.
   2. Giant Bats – large predatory bats incapable of lifting a man, but will attempt to sever limbs with their wicked, oversized fangs.
   3. Carapace Bats – non-flying specialist bats who have taken the place of piercers, they hide with rocky wings folded around themselves for prey to hurl themselves into.
   4. Cloak Bats – intelligent, magic-using bats prized for their skins and wing membranes.
27. Skeletal Laborers – animate skeletons tasked with the most backbreaking work, they will attack anything interfering with their tasks.
28. Guard Bulettes – fitted with steel reinforced cranial and dorsal plating, these bulettes are set loose upon tresspassers, thieves and the occassional uncooperative (or incompetent) miners.
29. (Roll on Adjacent Area Table)
30. Special*