Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"Sasym" Traesasymphicon, Wide Vibrational Messenger

"The rough stone stairs emerge on the third story of the red rock formation the little village was carved from.  A flock of small white birds is scattered across the upward-sloping stone, gathered about a natural platform on the far side.  Upon the raised stone, gazing out across the valley with its three crystal blue eyes is a giant white cat, eight feet tall at the shoulder.  Its body or fur glows a soft yellow white, you would still see it perfectly in any normal darkness.  Three sets of feathered wings beat upon its back, constantly stretching and rearranging themselves, its neck is greatly elongated, as well as its limbs and body.  The face looks like a beautiful, though unsettling mix of human and Siamese cat, with a tiny split-lipped mouth and its three unreal eyes.  When it speaks, it does in a childlike voice with a telepathic 'echo', relaxed and with great self-satisfaction.  It is one of the most beautiful creatures you have ever seen, it smells of honey and cinnamon, its purr is a syrupy joy that tickles your spine, just being near it makes you feel good."

Traesasymphicon, Sasym as it calls itself, is an entity from the wider vibrational planes.  Dimensions mortals often call Upper Planes, where as you "ascend" through them, the energies that compose beings are more diffuse, and the divisions between creatures become more and more ambiguous.  The amalgamous being Sasym is a lower mid-level extrusion, a nunciomorph that excels at maintaining a consistent form and identity in the "Material Plane".
The Furthest Lands continent is a kind of dimensional sink, it seems to pull destination portals to itself.  This means while it can be easy to travel to, it is incredibly difficult to travel away from.    Like many other, more mundane creatures, Sasym has become trapped here.  Its natural gate power only moves it randomly within the continent, not through the membranes of reality.  Its Celestial Song could surely draw the attention of its Greater Family, but if others came and were trapped as well... it could never bear the guilt.  (stop reading if you are my player)  Last, Sasym's existence is fueled by a form of energy that exists in this plane in much shorter supply, energy it has only found produced by the love and adoration of followers it has acquired in starving desperation.  This messenger was never meant to be away for so long.
Now, a small cult has grown around Sasym in a great rock formation that has become a hidden village.  Three families of 'iele' raise their children, do their hunting and farming in the shadow of the rock called CragDen.  A dozen or so others gravitated here or lost their caravans and were guided back by luck or Sasym.  Here in the sheltered valley that lies before the den, massive ravening beasts and cruel nature spirits are few under its near-constant vigilance and benign influence.  This is no novel occurrence on a continent where seeking symbiosis with a powerful creature is one of the top survival strategies, "monster villages" are fairly common.
N'gael, the demon artificer has found his floating, planeshifting tower stalled in the Cnacociel region to the northwest, and the two otherworldly creatures have found themselves in an uneasy relationship.


  16 Str, 20 Dex, 14 Con, 16 Int, 18 Wis, 23 Cha

  HD:  10d8+20;  AC:  18

  Saves:  Wis, Cha;  Skills:  Perception +8, Persuasion +10

  Dmg Resist:  radiant, non-magic weapons

  Immune:  sleep, charm, fear

  Senses:  darkvision 180', passive perception 18

  Languages:  all, telepathy 90'

  CR:  9

  Advantage on saves vs. spells and magic effects, +3d8 radiant dmg., innate spellcasting (Cha, DC 18), at will: detect evil/good, animal friendship, 1/day: reincarnate.
Multiattack, claw/weapon attack: +9 to hit 1d4+5 slashing + 3d8 radiant dmg, healing touch (3/day) non-evil target regains 3d8+2 hp and is cured of poison, disease, blindness, and deafness.  Polymorphs into any living form, retains all stats, always appears yellow-white with bright blue eyes, Celestial Song attracts the attention of other wide vibrational beings, 75% chance of success.

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