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Megadungeon: The Filth Pits / Refuse Dump Encounter Table (d30)

I got a bit distracted and had to do my familiars list for the last post.  Now we're back on track with the minor dungeon encounter tables, this time in the Filth Pits.  Here's the breakdown of minor dungeons again, with links to their encounter tables.

" Minor Dungeons: The Foabel├ęth Ordirrex is comprised of many smaller minor dungeons, six of which connect to the surface. Booezor is built on older layers of its previous iterations, particularly the Ezordirrexian era when the city-state as one worked for the glory of the Autarch, and the elder magic era, when the Sculpted Mountain and the first city was built.

Oldcity Sewer System – the functional and nonfunctional sewer systems of several iterations of the city built on top of each other. A huge mess of tunnels and chutes that spans more than twice the length of the city.
Tomb of Mountain's Heart – its earliest parts were dug deep into the heart of the Sculpted Mountain, and the subsequent generational levels were stacked on top of each other one after another as the city grew. It occupies little horizontal space but a great deal of vertical space.
Filth Pits (Refuse Dump) – the size of small town and with a population of people to match, the city's dumping grounds have become their own multi-leveled ecosystem and cave complex, eventually meeting the sewers or the twin underground helical rivers.
Labrynthyne – a quasi-extradimensional prison structure built to contain magic users. It is filled with creatures that ignore, twist, or feed on magic energies, convicts to dangerous (or hated) to kill, and beings from other planes.
Moonmetal Mine – silver IS magic in the “Furthest Lands”, not a currency. Occasionally silver or Moonmetal will rain down from the sky as meteorites. The most closely guarded mine on the lower slopes of Booezor's Sculpted Mountain was once a steady source of the magical metal.
Giant Termite Mound – a great nest of giant termites at the base of the sculpted mountain is believed to connect to the deeper parts of the megadungeon. "


The Filth Pits (the Dump)
1. Rat Queen – three to thirteen abnormally large rats with their tails fused or tied together to create a single being, it is highly intelligent and speaks with a single voice, can exert psychic mastery over other rats, use magic, and change forms into other groups of creatures.
2. Pickers (Dump Lemurs) – red and yellow patterned lemur-like creatures, annoyances who steal, signal other monsters, and create a horrid musk, they are able to “throw” their stink from their tails.
3. Rotback Hermits – great land crabs that cover their bodies with assorted debris and occassional treasure, most are merely looking to eat people but some will fixate on the nicest piece of equipment their target visibly owns.
4. Otyugh (single/pair) – the Wretched Sages, the repulsive and often murderously hungry otyughs are found sometimes in the pits, where they dine on and bathe in decaying matter, they are in constant telepathic communication with every being they encounter, and despite their poor intelligence they have good memories.
5. Rats (1d6)
   1. Normal Large Rats – rats... just rats.
   2. Pouch Rats – thieving rats that distract and take items from the distracted.
   3. Plague Rats – diseased rats with rabid behavior.
   4. Bristleback Rats – large, powerful and ravenously hungry.
6. Broken Golem – seamless inscrutable monstrosities of an earlier age or the half-ruined work of a contemporary mage.
7. Lepers and Other Sickfolk – the obviously diseased of various species, forced to live here on society's edge, too wretched for even the slums.
8. Glutton Wyrm – bloated toad-faced serpents who swallow their precious Dragonly Treasure then store it in the gullet, after using their stomach acid spraying breath weapon they always spend at least one round frantically swallowing their spewed treasure again.
9. Zesmes Flies – giant black flies that wound or seek the wounded and lay their eggs inside their prey.
10. Ooze, Slime (1d4)
   1. Green Slime – contained pools of slime are not rare in the dumping grounds.
   2. Gel – as the 'Dragon Quest' OG slime monster.
   3. Black Ooze – carpet of fairly slow-moving metamorphic goo, digests whatever it is exposed to.
   4. Mutagoo – quivering gelatin capable of drastically transforming living matter.

11. Mongrel Men – shunned and asymetrical, mutants and experiments of different backgrounds, as diverse in their motivations as their features.
12. Pit Star – vast, dark, slow-moving landstar consumes all sorts of matter in its wake.
13. Carrion Crawler – the largest ever recorded were found in the deep central pits, and rumors of a winged imago form.
14. Environmental Encounter (1d4)
   1. Trashslide – more common during the rainy season, an avalanche of metal and muck.
   2. Sinkhole – 50% collapse on themselves, 50% empty into a lower area.
   3. Magical Radiation – chaotic magical effects, and/or saves vs. mutation.
   4. Medicinal Herbs – magical healing and/or cleansing herbs found growing naturally in a secluded areas.

15. Slime Lapper – strange small-bodied furry creature with a highly mobile, prominent tongue capable of advancing decomposition on organic objects it touches at an amazing rate.

16. Delver Group – party of NPCs from the Delvers' Collective, going to or coming from a mission in the depths.
17. Rust Monster – standard man-sized arthropod with oxidizing antennae, their clutches of dozens of eggs look and feel just like gold coins.
18. Parasites (1d4)
   1. Rot Grubs – flesh tunneling maggots.
   2. Pit Fleas – irritating infestation of insects.
   3. Limb Worm – blood borne parasite that infests, kills, and begins to operate its host's limbs.
   4. Ear Mites – collections inside the ear deafen, and irritate the host.

19. Detritus Vine – fast-growing, highly mobile carnivorous plant makes portions of itself into living flails by wrapping around loose junk.
20. Tillerbeast – more heavily armored and bodied variant of the bulette, its waste is a magical super fertilizer.
21. Myconids (1d4)
   1. Shepards – fungus zombie herders with their mouldering herds.
   2. Myco-Alchemist – potion and powder master with retinue of assistants, here harvesting unique dump-grown fungi.
   3. Trading Group – traders from the deeps bearing various mycological commodities.
   4. Pariah – myconid pariahs are clerics, monks or wizards, they have commited “crimes” of thought and expression, exiled from the dreamstory circle of the others, they grow mouths to facilitate communication with non-fungal entities.

22. Wretchers – generic term for the pathetic dumpfolk here to scratch and dig for valuables, too poor, deranged, or disgusting to eke out of a living in Bottomshelf or even the Weave.
23. Rubble Ants – giant ants regularly overwhelm certain areas in the pits and must be driven back underground.
24. Lobo Worms – rapid moving man-sized carnivorous subterranean annelids, small packs roam the pits, bursting from the ground to strike like mauve mottled dolphins.
25. Gobboos
   1. Kobalds – hyperactive.
   2. Gobs – immunities.
   3. Hobgobs – smartest.
   4. Gorks – strong.

26. Deepdump Swine – great hulking boar, common in the middle heaps.

27. Trash Mimic – polymorphic monster that often assumes the form of piles of detritus, generally with something valuable or desirable in the middle.
28. Pit Pincher – giant antlion of the filth pits, hurls junk at those passing and attemps to destabilize the slopes of its refuse lined pit.
29. (Roll on Adjacent Area Table)
30. Special *


More tables to come.  The Labrynthyne table will probably be another d30, while the Moonmetal Mine and the Giant Termite Mound will likely be d20 tables.

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