Friday, February 17, 2017

Races: Goboda

Goboda - The Goboda lizard men are nomadic tortoise-like desert dwellers.    They have a heavy, rigid carapace which gives them a great bonus to armor, but reduced mobility.  They have proportionately small heads on a flexible neck, large thick limbs, and a heavy, dragging tail.  They stand between 5.5' and 7' tall, and are at least 2.5 times as weighty as an equivalent-sized man.  Males and females are superficially identical.

The majority of the Goboda live in the great arid expanse that is the Tomada Yoma, the largest desert in the Furthest Lands.  There they keep mostly to themselves, following the old ways and keeping their ancient histories.  Wise and endurant, many are priests, monks, teachers, and craftspeople.  Generally herbivorous, they subsist on succulents, root vegetables, flowers, gourds, melons, and lichen, but occasionally eat insects and small vertebrates.  Like the Fasinaa and the Mororca, the Goboda are not true "lizard" men, their metabolism is bird-like.

Do YOU want to argue philosophy with this guy?
The Goboda can be perceived by other races as foolishly personable, maybe somewhat slow-witted, and naive.  Others meet the nomadic holy people the Walkers of the Great Wheel (the Eternal Pilgrims) who feel their faith will protect them in any situation, with the most frequency, and incorrectly color their views.  The Walkers spend their lives completing circles of the continent, a seemingly impossible journey of many thousands of miles and through impassable obstacles.  There are plenty of Goboda thugs, slavers, mercenaries, death cultists, and warlords, and they can be as amoral and self-serving as any other race.

Though they are found in cities and as a part of their religious migration all across the continent, nowhere outside the Tomada Yoma are the Goboda encountered in any great numbers.  Even the general population is low, they breed slowly and their egg-born children have a very high mortality rate.  Goboda warriors favor both obvious crushing weapons like stone clubs and maces, and ones with a long reach like whips and polearms.  Goboda wizards communicate with elemental spirits of stones and sand and sun fire, create time-warping mandalas, and wield powers of sound and light.  The Orobolus (the Circle) is their primary divine force, though they worship Naudde, Immacula and Se'vensaera as well.


In the case the of the Fasinaa and Mororca saurians, I had drawn their forms before and been successful, but nailing down the design on the Goboda had eluded me up until this point. Good work blog!
So 2/3 saurians down, 3/7 races in total down.  Back soon.

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