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Ordinary Starting Item / “I Search the Body” Table (d00)

A table of one hundred starting items for character creation or searching bodies.  Each item is worth 1d6 x 10gp to an appropriately interested person, and invaluable to clever problem solvers.  Heavily influenced by Against the Wicked City's "When All You Have is a Hammer", but designed for a more primal campaign with less technological sophistication.
This post sent me down a lot of rabbit holes where I tried to justify thoughts like "Wait, where do plums grow?  What's in a tinderbox really?  What is the oldest recorded music notation?"  Now that I've purged myself of this latest dalliance I can return to the megadungeon and encounter table work from earlier.  Till then, enjoy.

Ordinary Starting Item / “I Search the Body” Table (d00)

01 Telescopic Pole – a three foot bamboo rod that telescopes to ten feet.
02 Umash Teeth – the upper sixteen teeth of one of the baboon-like Umash in a leather bag, a divinatory aid.
03 Red Fireflies – glass bottle of the red light-casting waste fireflies, their light is capable of revealing certain invisible creatures.
04 Heavy Tinted Glasses – goggles made from darkened glass, excellent eye protection from bright lights.
05 Prizing Knife – short curved blade designed to open shellfish and hook out their meat.
06 Tuning Tines – twelve inch amask steel acoustic resonator.
07 Hrassacock Feather – the uniquely beautiful red, blue, green, and yellow tail plume of the hrassacock, a much desired hat decoration and magical component.
08 Small Accurate Map – very detailed map of a random nearby location.
09 Umash Kakuluk – medium sized bongo instrument.
10 Fasinaa Reed Flute – nimble instrument that produces flute and kazoo type sounds.
11 Goboda Bwamanna – three-stringed gourd instrument.
12 Spidersilk Rope – fifty foot length of excellent quality weave.
13 Flask of Jen Jandy – plain flask full of highly alcoholic spirits, has a flavor similar to spicy root beer.
14 Bottle of Lo Plum Wine – sweet soporific wine made from the fruit of the Lo plum trees that grow in the southeastern delta land.
15 Bag of Blue Herbs – one eighth of an ounce of smokeable herbage, analgesic, promotes feelings of well-being.
16 Fasinaa Machete – finely built steel machete, perfectly suited to hacking through the sticky eastern jungles.
17 Plush Peeper Doll – a child's wool-stuffed toy made to (poorly) resemble one of fluffy mountain prosimians called Peak Peepers.
18 Agate Marbles – fifteen blue, brown, and orange marbles, one slightly larger than the rest.
19 Vuus Hair Thread – spool of incredibly fine thread made from the hair of the Vuus tribe of iele, strong enough to fish with.
20 Violet Lady Mushroom – single fast-acting psychotropic mushroom, maintains potency if carefully dried.
21 Dried Spirit Pepper – a pungent chili spicy enough to burn in the ethereal plane.
22 Animal Pheromone – the concentrated musk of a random animal from a nearby environment.
23 Sea Salt – leather bag of crystallized sea salt, about two cups worth.
24 Umash Crackle Sticks – three somewhat dangerous “sparklers”.
25 Female Hensnake – two foot long tubby-bodied domesticated snake, lays one delicious unfertilized egg once each morning.
26 Cuttle Ink – blue-black writing ink harvested from a coastal cuttlefish.
27 Finely Carved Walking Cane – cane made from rare wood and carved with tiny scenes of decadent city life.
28 Shard of Cursed Glass – radioactive material from the Glass Waste, only dangerous if held over the course of years.
29 Lodestone – fist-sized rock with a powerful magnetic force.
30 Merchant's Scale – portable bronze scale with a selection of weights, all contained in a ten inch wooden box.
31 Large Inaccurate Map – poorly detailed or scaled map of a random nearby location.
32 Ceramic Pot of Lolsanthi Honey – quality honey harvested from the bees pollen-maddened by Lolsanthi nectar.
33 Crystallized Sugar – small packet of sugar crystals, attracts insects.
34 Fetish Doll – crude humanoid figure with a set of pins, currently unattached to a victim.
35 Barbed Fishing Net – thrown fishing net with barbed iron hooks.
36 Ara Leaf Oil – insect repellent made from the Ara bush.
37 Set of Gaming Dice – three six sided bone dice.
38 Seeing Tube – primitive telescope, one end makes things look smaller, one end makes things look bigger.
39 Solidified Amber – an insect trapped within hardened resin.
40 Resin Incense – a small wooden box of rich-scented incense with a heavy languorous smoke.
41 Colored Chalk – set of five different colors.
42 Fur Blanket – heavy blanket made from woolly rhinoceros hide.
43 Oyeb Seeds – pouch of the incredibly fast growing oyeb vine, a strangling gourd.
44 Nuncia Bird – tiny message carrying bird.
45 Puzzle Box – small simple release wooden puzzle box.
46 Hollow Bracelet – copper bracelet with a secret compartment.
47 Oiled Hooded Cloak – nearly waterproof cloth outer covering.
48 Lye Soap – large bar of harsh soap for serious washing up.
49 Pallenseil Poppy Seeds – from the eastern plains and hills, can be planted or eaten as a pain reliever.
50 Minor Noble Finery – association with a random noble wizard house.
51 Sachet of Scouring Sand – razor sharp particulate, good for permanently damaging eyes or lungs.
52 Cloud Lotus Powder – when made into tea or a paste for the chest brings a heavy, restful sleep impossible to resist.
53 Tapping Spile – a steel tap that can be pounded or drilled into liquid storing vegetation.
54 Heavy Heat Resistant Gloves – insulated hand wear able to resist heat and open flames.
55 Wooden Yoyo – carved wooden toy, useful as a diversion or an improvised weapon.
56 Quartz Prism – five inches of clear, faceted quartz crystal.
57 Low Quality Rickshaw – foot powered conveyance for a single passenger.
58 Presis Conch Shell – beautiful pastel colored sea snail shell, nearly as large as a man's head.
59 Vial Necklace – chain necklace with a metal vial that can be filled with a small amount of powder or liquid.
60 Clay Funerary Mask – placid and nearly featureless white clay funerary mask.
61 Deck of Divining Cards – most decks contain only the prime arca, the face cards.
62 Loppett Shears – wool cutting scissors used to shear herds of loppetts.
63 Three Small Colored Bean Bags – good for juggling or kicking about.
64 Raku Tea Set – simple but beautiful teapot and cups for two.
65 Back Strap Loom – personal and portable loom.
66 Idol of Se'vensaera / Immacula – lapis or jade idol of one of the more hopeful of the eight goddesses.
67 Dry Compass – sensitive portable compass.
68 Pack of Dominoes – twenty eight gaming bones.
69 Skywatch Pamphlet – detailing the threat of the Shem and the city's complacency.
70 Stegotetrabelodon Ivory – six inch piece of uncarved elephant kin ivory.
71 Shrunken Iele Head – the dried and shrunken head of an iele man, created by a remote tribe to trap the soul.
72 Bronze Oil Lamp – oil burning decorative lamp in the Form of Naude, goddess of mysteries.
73 Abacus – stone beads in a wooden frame.

74 Bronze Hookah – decorative bronze personal hookah with snake skin hose.
75 Stuffed Tree Shrew – taxidermy of a fearsomely posed omnivorous tree shrew.
76 Tinderbox – flint, pyrite, and amadou.
77 Wax Tablet with Iron Stylus – re-writable surface and implement.
78 Iron Choke Collar with Leash – good for medium and some large size animals or people.
79 Sack of Sponges – large cloth bag full of dried natural sea sponges.
80 Tin of Bitumen – small container of viscous tar.
81 Song of Hours – carved, words and music, into a wooden cylinder.
82 Cipher Key – simple code based on the iele common language.
83 Barbed Iron Arrowheads – five wickedly hooked arrowheads.
84 Bag of Snake Vertebrae – nine of the bones in a felt bag, used for divining.
85 Performance Cosmetics Kit – bold makeup including face white, rouge, and kohl.
86 Leg Irons – reinforced steel leg restraints, able to fit any medium sized humanoid.
87 Mamun Coin – a large gold coin from an ancient civilization, one side shows the sun, the other a man's face.
88 Fief Farm Bell – small but loud bronze bell commonly used to keep track of domesticated animals like loppetts or crenchies.
89 Medicinal Leeches – glass jar of “polite” leeches, applying one to a fresh wound will drain venom.
90 Stone-working Chisels – four chisels in various sizes with various heads.
91 Jeweler's Loupe – low quality single eye magnification device.
92 Steel Crampons – sharp and sturdy steel crampons.
93 Rolling Stone – an insect larva encased in stone, rolls the stone around when hot enough.
94 Bird Cage – finely woven wicker animal cage, capable of holding up to three tiny creatures.
95 Container of Grease – oily animal fat grease.
96 Pamphlet of Minor Sigils – protections for the common man.
97 Goboda Relic – a tarsal bone of a minor saint, a blessed traveler who fell while walking the great wheel.
98 Skeleton Key – generic key that will unlock a family of simple locks.
99 roll twice, re-rolling 99 - 00
00 roll three times, re-rolling 99 - 00

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