Wednesday, June 6, 2018

GLOG Wizard - Numismagus

 My first foray into creating a GLOG class, a new wizard school.  Since Skerples made it so easy to do yourself in a recent post I had been thinking about my Numismagi (it's just too good of a word not to be a class).  Tell me what you think, I'll be back to finish off those minor dungeon encounter tables soon.

GLOG Wizard - Numismagus

The Numismagi, the Coin Wizards, are a newer school from Booezor, the city of riches. They are by nature nobles and social climbers, most comfortable in a world where money equals power. Their powers function best against other people rather than monsters, and their general level of magical strength is comparable to an Orthodox Wizard.


Lucky Coin – You start with a lucky coin that is your magical focus, you may never spend it or give it away.
Mo' Money - Containers you personally open contain 1d6x10% more coinage.


Insufferable Skinflint – Your love of money is so great that you must make a save to purchase any non-essential item, if you fail you may still purchase the item if you can negotiate at least a 50% discount in price.
Penny for Your Trouble – All your spells consume a coin per MD used if no other cost is mentioned.


1. Conjure Useful Coin – (1/hour) – creates a real copper coin in a local currency, if this is your only coin, it becomes your lucky coin.
2. Sense Cache – (at will) – You can sense large accumulations (100+) of coins within 100'.
3. Numismancy – (at will) – You know the validity, origin, and value of any coin. You are familiar with the face imagery of all known coins.


1. Glittering GlamourR: 0, T: self, D: [dice] hours
The caster's appearance grows in opulence, and gains +2x[dice] bonus to saves vs Domination, Charm, or Fear effects. The caster appears as a person of a higher social station, and inspires fear in those of a lower caste.
2. Speaking Coin – R: touch, T: one gold coin, D: [dice] hours
The caster breaks a gold coin into the two face halves. Sounds within 10' of the tails side can be heard by the holder of the heads side and vice versa. If you invest 4 [dice] or more into this spell, the duration becomes permanent.
3. Light – R: touch, T: object or creature, D: [dice]x2 hours
Object illuminates as a torch, with a radius of 20’+[dice]x10’. Alternatively, you can make an Attack roll against a sighted creature. If you succeed, the creature is blinded for [sum] rounds. If [sum] is greater than 12, the creature is permanently blinded. You can chose the color of the light. If you invest 4 [dice] or more this light has all the qualities of natural sunlight. Alternatively, if you invest 4 [dice] or more the light can be purest octarine, although it will only last for 1 round. Octarine light is extremely dangerous.
4. Coin Toss – R: 200', T: creature, D: 0
You flip a coin and call the result, if your face comes up the target takes [sum] damage and saves vs. dexterity or is stunned for one round, if your face does not come up you and the target each take one damage. You may flip the coin again and act as if the spell is cast with one fewer MD until you have no MD left.
5. Command Coins – R: 30’, T: [sum]x100 coins, D: [dice] hours
Coins will leap up and obey your single-word commands. Affects all unattended coins in 30' of you and lasts 1 hour. Coins can be commanded to follow you, hide in crevices, or serve as rollers for heavy statues, but they are mindless and feeble.
6. Scrying Coins – R: touch, T: coins, D: 10 minutes
Ask [dice] number of questions of a handful of strewn coins. Older and more valuable coins have more amassed knowledge. Using more coins can also be helpful
7. Charm Person – R: 50', T: person, D: [dice] hours
The person regards you as a good friend and ignores the obvious spell you just cast on them. If you invest 4 [dice] or more into this spell, the duration becomes permanent.
8. Knock – R: 50', T: [dice] objects, D: 0
Object is opened. Doors are flung wide, locks are broken, shackles are bent open, belts come undone. Treat this as a Strength check made with Str 10 + [dice]x4. If target is an armored creature, Save or armor falls off. If target is an unarmored creature, Save or vomit for 1d4 rounds.
9. Coin Cloak – R: touch, T: person, D: 10 minutes
Creates a scaled cloak of glittering golden coins. Reduce all physical damage the target takes by [dice]x2. The target cannot swim, jump, or run.
10. Coin of Fortune – R: touch, T: coins, D: [dice] hours
You create [dice] magic coins, each can be flipped once by the bearer for advantage on any roll.

11. Gold Piece Rain – R: 200', T: 20’ diameter, D: 0
Does [sum] damage. As fireball except that the caster flips a coin into the air, which becomes a rain of giant glowing coins that disappear on impact, and the damage is all crushing damage. Doesn't work in places with low ceilings (less than 100').
12. Coin Collector – R: touch, T: creature, D: [dice] hours
The target is transformed into a gold coin whose face side bears their likeness. Unwilling targets save vs. spells with a penalty of -2 for each MD invested after the first. If you invest 4 [dice] or more into this spell, you may have the duration become permanent.

1. Magic Dice only return to your pool on a 1-2 for 24 hours.
2. Take 1d6 damage.
3. Random mutation for 1d6 rounds, then make a save. Permanent if you fail.
4. Your money spills from its various containers on your person, 1-30% is lost.
5. You have a sudden compulsion for reckless gambling that lasts three sleepless days.
6. All your money-making endeavors fail for one week.


1. Lose all your current money, both stored and on hand.
2. You become the target of a dedicated guild of expert thieves. Every time you make money, they seem to find out immediately and rob you blind at the next opportunity.
3. Your lucky coin tarnishes black, you cannot Conjure Useful Coin. Any money you acquire crumbles to dust.


  1. Is the "Gold Piece Rain" spell inspired by Setzer from Final Fantasy VI? It's such a fun image.

    1. I will admit that Setzer is my favorite character from FFVI. Yeah, the whole class is a little Setzer, a little Daniel J. D'Arby (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure), all fop.