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Megadungeon: The Moonmetal Mine Encounter Table (d30)

This is it, the final minor dungeon encounter table, 6/6 the Moonmetal (Magical Silver) Mine.  I actually finished a series of a thing, lookit that.  That means there's hope for completion of my playable races and the other primary encounter tables, the d100 ones.  I still have badlands, seas, general subterranean and probably a bunch more left to do.
Anyway the previous minor dungeon encounter tables are:

Moonmetal Mine (d30)
1. Moon Mites – flat, chrome-shelled arachnids with bolt cutter jaws, found dormant in fallen moonrocks, their bodies are incredibly hard and shatter all but the finest weapons, they now continuously plague the living creatures of the mines when new clusters are discovered.
2. Excavator Golem – powerful steel monstrosity prone to disasterous break downs and dangerous accidents, equipped with two jackhammer arms and a drill bit head.
3. EEKs – Explosive Excavation Konstructs, small ambulatory bomb creatures, they come in a range of sizes, their only attacks are a nasty bite and devastating self destruction.
4. Xyrx – creature of elemental earth, like a starfish with only three arms, there are purple gem-like eyes between each arm, and three-jawed toothy mouth opening in the center of each side, the whole creature is fifteen feet across and moves through solid rock like air hunting for delicious gemstones and rare metals.
5. Cannontail – 15' long rock-eating reptile, combines minerals in special glands and fires a kind of molten cannonball from its false head tail, migrate from the depths to here for the delicious mining scree and deposits of salts.
6. Environmental Encounter (1d4)
   1. Sinkhole – 50% collapse on themselves, 50% empty into a lower area.
   2. Warped Magic Zone – area of chaotic magical effects, some local wildlife are attracted here.
   3. Active Spirits – nature spirits here are active, driven wild with the presence of all the hidden silver, they want to madden the “invaders” with visions of the deeps.
   4. Untapped Silver Vein – hereto untouched lode of the precious moon metal silver, only about a handfull of sp worth.

7. Earth Elemental – most are bound and summoned to move stone or guard the precious veins in the tunnels.
8. Metal Mimic – able to assume the forms of metallic objects, veins of shining ore, weapons, tools, etc., at rest a dull liquid metal.
9. Slave Miners – mainly kept for the finest work, they either pick away with tiny tools at the thin veins of silver that remain or mine other metals and salt.
10. Guardian Golem (Iron) – massive humanoid construct of blackened iron, its arms are formed into giant sledgehammers that fit together to create a tower shield.
11. Guardian Golem (Steel) massive humanoid construct of burnished amask steel, it carries a masterwork steel greatspear in each hand.
12. Moonmythus Agents – unauthorized and secretive silver seekers from the Moonmythus group, suspicious of others if not downright hostile.
13. Shard Leech Scree - razor-edged stones used as the shell of a 4"-14" land mollusc, hide in areas of loose rock waiting for man size or larger prey, throw themselve en masse at a target, pierce flesh and release a mild paralytic venom, drink their fill of blood, fall out of the target, and move away from the remains.
14. Silverdust Spectre – tormented spirit seen in the swirling forms of silvery dust, swallows years of life from its victims while desperately trying to embrace them.
15. Quicksilver Serpent – thirty feet long and thick as a man, an incredibly rapid moving serpent with a thrashing whip-like tail, and a venomous bite that causes madness.
16. Metallic Ants – giant steel, copper, and gold colored ants from somewhere deep underground, while they behave much like standard giant ants, they supplement their diet with small amounts of metals, gold seems the most desirable while silver seems to be an intoxicant.
17. Noble Family Wizard (1d4) – always accompanied by a retinue of guards/golems, here to inspect their share of the mine asset.
   1. Aldabodath Clan
   2. Gaerabin Clan
   3. Nyremn Clan
   4. Primis Clan

18. Silverspine Dragon – relatively small steely-scaled wurm with rows of silvery spines down its back, along its forelimbs, and along its non-functional battering wings, it breathes a cloud of hallucinatory gas that confuses foes, and has a certain ability to pluck random useful spells from the aether that are drawn to its silvered body.
19. Giant Tamed Moles – hut-sized domesticated moles used for excavating and guarding shafts, usually accompanied by drivers with mole picks.
20. Viral Crystal – blade straight glittering crystal clusters, easily slice through clothes and skin and begin crystal infections that continue to cut and weigh down the body.
21. Fossil Chimera – several unrelated ancient animals, their remains fused into a skeletal monstrosity maddened by competing instincts, millions of years, and the magical influence of the lodes of moonmetal.
22. Whisperer - resembles a bipedal, wingless, bat about five feet tall, with the v-shaped chests and long forelimbs of a bat, but clawed hands, two of the fingers are rigid and end in large hooked claws, useful in climbing, it is intelligent and can mimic most voices and animal sounds, but is bad at creative improvisation.
23. Xiphid – person possessed by a daemantine weapon, a Metal Demon from beyond the starless blackness of the cursed season, the silver deposits in the mine call out to them and the lesser ones find themselves drawn here.
24. Guardian Demon – bound and summoned demons of violent hate, unable to interact with most beings they are aware of in the mine, their reaction to intruders is swift and disproportionate.
25. Mineral Dryads – spirits of living rock with female forms, agitated by the mining operations they trap mortals within gemstones, or lure them to their deaths.
26. Bats (1d4)
   1. Cave Stirges – blood-drinking cave animals unrelated to bats, inflict continuously bleeding wounds.
   2. Giant Bats – large predatory bats incapable of lifting a man, but will attempt to sever limbs with their wicked, oversized fangs.
   3. Carapace Bats – non-flying specialist bats who have taken the place of piercers, they hide with rocky wings folded around themselves for prey to hurl themselves into.
   4. Cloak Bats – intelligent, magic-using bats prized for their skins and wing membranes.
27. Skeletal Laborers – animate skeletons tasked with the most backbreaking work, they will attack anything interfering with their tasks.
28. Guard Bulettes – fitted with steel reinforced cranial and dorsal plating, these bulettes are set loose upon tresspassers, thieves and the occassional uncooperative (or incompetent) miners.
29. (Roll on Adjacent Area Table)
30. Special*

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