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Megadungeon: Tiers of Booezor with Locations of Note & a Buildings Table

Some information and a diagram dealing with tiers of the magic city of Booezor and its inhabited tiers.  The businesses noted are meant to be a sample of what can be found on each layer, not a complete list of what is there.  Following that is a d100 buildings table for generating neighborhoods and such when needed.

Tiers of the City

I. The Weave, a hanging shantytown and scattered caves hung from the side of the sculpted mountain, difficult to get to, many entrances exist, not considered part of the city proper.
High crime, no Census Objex presence, poor equipment.

The Crusty Cache, weapons and armor warehouse.
Hannah Blanda's Hammocks, a hanging flophouse, cheapest rates in the Cnatka Taer.
The Hanging Garden, a low quality tavern.
Cave of Hours, a low quality tavern and drug den (Hours is the name of the owner).
Mazadam's Heap, general store.
Lidless Yero's Aviary, live birds, and other small animals.

II. Bottomshelf / Beastmile, lower cliff villages each with their own name, difficult to get to, many entrances exist, not considered part of the city proper, and the city's external animal market, a town in itself.
High crime, very low Census Objex presence, poor equipment, excellent creature selection (in Beastmile).

Lolequith's Least Wares, general store.
Stinking Ungents, low quality apothecary.
Coerl Has A Nest, flophouse.
Reechama Thirty Six, low quality lodging.
Gem-Eyes' Rumor House, tavern and gambling den.
Eop's Oddities, general store and curiosity shop.
The Eerie Edge, a low quality tavern and drug den.
Skaskun's Used Arms, used weapons and armor.
Jdgrega's Fighting Animals, livestock.

III. Fruitbasket / Waspnest / the Sprawl, the lowest main level of the city, street after street of markets, shops, residences, taverns, and lodging.
Medium crime, Census Objex presence, standard equipment.

Cup of Chips & the Coinpot Silo, a circular metal building with a diamond motif, the feehouse were duties to the city are paid by every caravan and merchant, and the church-sized squat entryless silo where the fees are stored.
Bustide's Mineral Scrubhouse, baths.
Grebe-chen's Amazing Fruit, specialty and magic fruits.
Arklen's Alchemaestry, apothecary.
The Paper Palace, a brothel.
Lamseda's Layplace, the cheapest and largest flophouse.
Skreefa's Softest Sheets, good quality lodging.
The Purple Cloud, a tavern.
High Sun's Shadow, a low quality tavern.
Ansere's First Sip, a tavern, drug and gambling den.
The Overfull Bowl, a good quality tavern.
Steel Plunjeet, weapons and armor.
Kanzabaa's Marvelous Futures, fortune telling.

IV. Secondmarket / Cindiband, the higher classed and more specialized markets and shops are here, fine work can be purchased, the residences are higher, the entertainment more elaborate.
Low crime, Census Objex presence, second tier equipment.

One Fat Bird, a tavern.
An Honest Cup of Sea, a good quality tavern.
Gardens of Djel, good quality lodging.
Amaskein, good quality weapons.
Shining Turtle, good quality armor.
Thirsty Flaskin's Potions, potions, oils, tinctures.
The Sleepy Peeper, good quality lodging, drug den.

V. Lighttown, high class everything, hotels, night life, gambling, street noble culture, everyone wears disposable magic light junk, and revels in public excess.
Low crime, Census Objex presence, third tier equipment.

Neverever Club, a quality tavern, brothel, and gambling house.
The Lighthouse, a quality tavern, brothel, and gambling house.
The Booezor Shiaris, quality lodging.
Silver Star, quality weapons.
Dragon's Head, quality armor.
Seven-Winged Swift, quality lodging, tavern.

VI. Stoneforest, bridge-connected highspires house the super-rich, the mage elite, and their clustered entertainments.
Only high class crime, high Census Objex presence, all equipment

The Candriar Library, a library.
Garma Merilkian's Zoo, park zoo.
Primeris Club, a high quality tavern, brothel, and gambling house.
The Szandikan, high quality lodging.
First Sphere, arena entertainment.

VII. Precious Pillars, the highest and most improbable towers belong to the most venerable Children, some unaligned magi, the ultra-rich (1%), and the oldest wizard houses.
Only high class crime, high Census Objex presence, all equipment.

House Aldabodath, a noble wizard clan.
House Primis, a noble wizard clan.
House Nyremn, a noble wizard clan.
House Gaerabin, a noble wizard clan.

VIII. The Egg, a permanent physical extrusion, made of pure magic, of a vast extradimensional space that serves as the campus of the Children. Truly there is a palace within the space the Egg describes.
No crime, highest Census Objex presence.

House of the Second Lens, an oracular focus device.
The Librariax Ovum, the great library of the Children.
The Azure Palace, high council seat of the Children.

Booezor Buildings Table (d100)

01 Advocate
02-04 Animal Dealer / Breeder
05-06 Apothecary
07-08 Arena Sphere
09-11 Armorer
12 Bakery
13-14 Bookbinder
15-16 Bowyer/Fletcher
17 Brewery
18-20 Brothel
21-22 Butcher
23-24 Chandler
25-26 Component Shop
27 Court
28-29 Curiosity Shop
30-31 Drug Den
32-34 Flophouse
35-36 Fortuneteller
37-38 Furrier
39 Gallery
40-41 Gambling Den
42-44 General Store
45 Glassworks
46-47 Healer
48-50 Hotel
51-52 Jeweler
53-55 Locksmith
56-57 Mall (indoor market)
58-59 Mason
60-61 Moneychanger
62 Muralist / Painter
63-65 Private Residence
66-67 Salon
68 Sanitarium
69-71 Scholar
72-73 Scribe
74 Sculptor
75-76 Shrine
77-79 Storehouse
80-81 Tailor
82-83 Tanner
84-87 Tavern
88-89 Temple
90 Theater
91 Watchtower
92-94 Weaponsmith
95 Weaver
96-98 Winery
99-00 Misc. Entertainment

 I am hard at work on the early minor dungeon levels themselves at this point, so more megadungeon junk to follow.  Till next time.

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