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The Divine

The Divine

    In the Furthest Lands there are eight Goddesses, the Circle, and innumerable demigods.  The various peoples tend to revere small self-created pantheons of goddesses and demigods rather than worship single goddesses.  Different races have different shapes and names for goddesses, but nearly all consider them female (Myconids, and other sexless creatures do not).  Only the demigods are manifest, as their material form is much of their being.

The Goddesses

        Tyrant (the Eye and Hand, the Followed Command, Our Lady of the Megaliths)
She embodies hierarchy, dominance, and architecture.  She is the last of the Laws.

        Se’vensaera (Sussurus, A Question Whispered)
She embodies choice, sky, and spoken words.  She is the youngest Chaos. 

        Ris (the Faceless, RAS)
She embodies absence, entropy, cold, and math.  She is the first of the Laws.

        Immacula (Kiss Upon Seeds, the Sweet Droplet)
She embodies seeds, rain, and perfection.

        Tsugumi (Mouth of Poison)
 She embodies masks, writing, and poison. She is the second of the Laws.

        Conce (the Evermother, the Roiling Womb)
She embodies the sea, birth, indifference, and plenty.

        Skraosh (the Primal Beast, the Blood Lady)
She embodies evolution, predation, and ancestry.  She is the second Chaos.

        Naudde (the Hidden, the Dream Tenebrix)
She embodies the unknown, caves, and sleep.  She is the oldest Chaos.

Orobolus (the Circle)

The Circle is the ninth Divine, cyclical time, destiny, infinity.  The goddesses are bound together within the infinite and all-encompassing Circle.  The Goboda religion holds this concept as one of its pillars, but it is rarely worshiped as a deity by other races.

The Demigods

The myriad demigods are each male or sexless, incomplete divinities.  Some are as great animals, chimerical, colossal, possessing a unique magic or nature.  They are the products of single goddesses, in most cases Conce and Naudde.  Conce in particular continuously creates demigods, some who come to land, most who are released to the Thousand Oceans.  More creature than concept, all of the demigods can be "killed", with different results.  Some will be replaced, some will be missed, some will not


Back to races next, if I don't get distracted again.  Those races are (if you are interested):  the aforementioned Fasinaa, their saurian relatives the Goboda and the Mororca, the "iele", the Chrichoral, the Umash, the Shem, and some more uncommon others.  Once I get these basic bits down I can get down to the way more fun specific and weird stuff, stay tuned.

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